McLoughlin, Joseph

Wednesday, 29 April 1964

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 209 No. 5

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Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 11—General (Resumed).

I want to speak about the hardship which, to my mind, the Budget imposes on our people. It is all very fine for a Deputy like Deputy Calleary to speak as he has spoken. Being a Fianna Fáil Deputy, n...More Button

I thought it was relevant to the Budget to point out the danger of imposing such heavy taxation when there is so little money to be made at the other end. There is no protection on the one hand and e...More Button

There is another side to the question of increasing taxation. Many people are in receipt of pensions and in many cases these pensions give them no surplus. These people are in very poor circumstances...More Button

The State will pay for them. I have met old age pensioners in rural areas and I really felt for them. They told me that the 35/-——More Button

——was not sufficient to meet the demands that fall on them. Half-a-crown is only about four-pence a day and the Minister knows——More Button

I see thousands of pounds being spent on roads that perhaps are 20 or 25 feet——More Button

I see roads being widened by two feet——More Button

It is a very good comparison. We are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on roads when pensioners are in dire need, and I am not exaggerating. In the past I referred to the heifer scheme and sa...More Button

I am not against it. I think it is relevant, Sir, because our people are taxed to capacity and every attempt should be made to put something into everybody's pocket. If a small farmer has six cows, ...More Button

I do not know if the Chair will object to what I am going to say but I will say it anyway. We have county homes in the country and if the Government were doing their job, they would put bulldozers to ...More Button

I feel it is no harm to raise this matter in this debate.More Button

That is the stage we have reached, because the people are not able to live on their meagre allowances outside. It is too bad that we should not have comfortable institutions in centres in these count...More Button

This should be brought to the notice of the Government. Let them do what the inter-Party Government did and build hospitals.More Button

I had intended putting down a question in regard to my next point but I shall take this opportunity of mentioning it. I refer to the question of housing. The housing of our people is very important....More Button

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