Fitzpatrick, Thomas J.

Tuesday, 11 October 1966

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 224 No. 7

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Cavan Housing.

(Cavan) asked the Minister for Local Government if, in view of the acute housing shortage in Cavan town, he will approve of the plans for the Mitchel Street housing scheme which were submitted on the...More Button

(Cavan): Might I appeal to the Minister to get rid of the red tape and approve of the plans for the building of these houses, in view of the fact that not one solitary house has been built by the loca...More Button

(Cavan): Not a bit.More Button

(Cavan): Could the Minister tell the House when the request for the revised layout was conveyed to Cavan Urban Council?More Button

(Cavan): Can we take it that since the 5th of this month, the application for revision was requested?More Button

(Cavan): It would appear to follow.More Button

(Cavan): One more question, if I may? May I finally ask the Minister to do everything possible——More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

(Cavan): I have no intention of interrupting the Minister beyond making this one point. I did not accuse the Minister of lack of frankness on this occasion. I accused him of lack of frankness when in...More Button

(Cavan): I have no intention of interrupting the Minister.More Button

(Cavan): I just want to get him on the rails. I accused the Minister of being less than frank with the House when he introduced last year's Estimate and said that everything in the garden was rosy an...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27-Local Government (Resumed).

(Cavan): We do not mind the Minister going on for a month, provided he answers all the charges made.More Button

(Cavan): I referred the Minister to my speech, which he misquoted.More Button

(Cavan): The opening words.More Button

(Cavan): Read the opening.More Button

(Cavan): I agree with that.More Button

(Cavan): Read on.More Button

(Cavan): What is wrong with that?More Button

(Cavan): I defy the Minister to quote the opening paragraph of my speech.More Button

(Cavan): I defy the Minister to quote the opening paragraph of my speech.More Button

(Cavan): Quote and misquote as it suits you.More Button

(Cavan): And a scarcity of money.More Button

(Cavan): We are complaining that since 1957 the Minister fell down on housing.More Button

(Cavan): The Minister for Health said in Cavan that the present Government are going through exactly what was gone through in 1956 and for the same reason.More Button

(Cavan): This is the big difference: do not mind about all the promises you made.More Button

(Cavan): You can hold it up at the pre-tender stage.More Button

(Cavan): What about the question in regard to Cavan today?More Button

(Cavan): The Minister overruled the local engineer.More Button

(Cavan): I think the Minister said he would leave these things to the local people.More Button

(Cavan): We took one case today at random and we found it was the one that was out of line.More Button

(Cavan): Because I was interested.More Button

(Cavan): There are such swallows in every County in Ireland.More Button

(Cavan): Would the Minister say——More Button

(Cavan): I was asking a question.More Button

(Cavan): The Minister says he is giving helpful information that we have not already got. Is the Minister aware that it is necessary to obtain the approval of the Minister to sign a contract for tend...More Button

(Cavan): So does the Minister.More Button

(Cavan): If the Minister wants to be personal, Sir, he is earning his living——More Button

(Cavan): I do not mind staying here until Christmas.More Button

(Cavan): If the Minister gets personal, I will get personal.More Button

(Cavan): The Minister would not know.More Button

(Cavan): It was ignored then.More Button

(Cavan): All they have to do is move into the houses and take up residence.More Button

(Cavan): Substitute “to date”. (Interruptions.)More Button

(Cavan): Why is the number of new houses approved this year down drastically, in view of that statement about additional money?More Button

(Cavan): So long as the Minister keeps it in mind and answers it.More Button

(Cavan): Better still.More Button

(Cavan): Do the figures not prove that there are many thousands of people fewer in employment today than there were in 1956?More Button

(Cavan): Let the Minister deny it.More Button

(Cavan): Let the Minister deny my assertion.More Button

(Cavan): No; they are hard to answer.More Button

(Cavan): Houses fell and killed people since the Minister took office in charge of housing. He should be ashamed.More Button

(Cavan): The Minister was in office for at least four years——More Button

(Cavan): Would the Minister agree——More Button

(Cavan):——that the number of houses commenced this year would be a more accurate barometer?More Button

(Cavan): I do not think so.More Button

(Cavan): I shall leave that explanation to the House and to the country.More Button

(Cavan): What are the delays due to?More Button

(Cavan): The right way of putting it is that you sent a quarter of a million people to England since then.More Button

(Cavan): The houses are falling down around you.More Button

(Cavan): There are 80,000 fewer people in employment now.More Button

(Cavan): The Minister must be bankrupt of policy when he has to go back 30 years to justify the present state of housing in Dublin.More Button

(Cavan): They gerrymandered the constituency.More Button

(Cavan): The people awaiting houses are getting very impatient.More Button

(Cavan): But the Minister did not do it yet.More Button

(Cavan): But did not do it.More Button

(Cavan): The people of Cork and Dublin answered that on 1st June.More Button

(Cavan): How long will four and five people have to continue to live in one room?More Button

(Cavan): The people living in the room are not bored.More Button

(Cavan): The people are now flying out of Donegal.More Button

(Cavan): How much was paid to Donegal——More Button

(Cavan): How much has been paid to Donegal County Council this year?More Button

(Cavan): Have the houses been started in Milford?More Button

(Cavan): I understood the Minister to say that they will be completed before next June.More Button

(Cavan): You might postpone it again.More Button

(Cavan): Why is Cavan different?More Button

(Cavan): Let the Minister be serious. The Minister has outlined a different procedure from that which he mentioned for Cavan at Question Time today. He said his officials had been down and had refuse...More Button

(Cavan): No houses were built since 1952.More Button

(Cavan): I may be wrong but I thought that the Minister said in relation to housing that it was not necessary to go to the Department until the tenders had been received and a price negotiated.More Button

(Cavan): I may take it up with the Minister privately, but in my capacity as a member of the local authority, will the Minister tell me that he is stating there is no necessity for the local authority...More Button

(Cavan): I will be glad to avail of the opportunity.More Button

(Cavan): They can select a site, invite tenders and then come to the Minister?More Button

(Cavan): And due regard being had to the type of house—whether there is a bathroom in each house?More Button

(Cavan): There is no comparison between a house built now, containing a bathroom, and a house built 20 to 30 years ago with an outdoor toilet.More Button

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