Tully, James

Tuesday, 23 May 1967

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 228 No. 11

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Membership of EEC.

Are you making your own decisions?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Derating of Land.

Is that the only concession the Minister is giving in regard to the extra £13?More Button

Then the statement that there was to be a graded reduction on the £33 valuation is not quite correct.More Button

Would the Minister say if only the first £20 is being allowed and there is nothing except the employment allowance on the other £13? If that is so, how can he claim there is any improvement in regard...More Button

I am sure the Minister for Finance would agree it does not read exactly as it did when he was making his Budget Statement.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Differential Rents.

Would the Minister agree that he is not prepared to make a clear statement on rents hoping that the 20th June will come before he is forced to do so? Is it not also true that he has instructed local ...More Button

Is the Minister trying to ensure that tenants of existing houses and tenants of new houses will pay the rents for those who will come in instead of the State subsidising the rents, as even the British...More Button

The local elections are coming up.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Consolidated Liquor Bill.

If the Minister waits until we go into EEC, we have no need to worry for the next 100 years.More Button

Finance Bill, 1967: Second Stage.

The Budget, having being passed, and the Finance Bill being a necessary part of the Budget, I suppose, as Deputy O'Higgins said, it is not necessary to go into too much detail on the Second Stage. Ho...More Button

It is graded only in the way that those who are in receipt of £140, or less, do not get the full allowance and when the income is up to £200, they are allowed a smaller amount. The amount of £200 rep...More Button

If it is over £8,000, the Deputy will not get any relief.More Button

But if she has a pension and requires to work part-time to supplement that, she will not be allowed this. That certainly should be changed.More Button

They are entirely different circumstances.More Button

Yes, but will the Minister not do a good job as he is at it?More Button

I should love to see it happening but I would say wait until the larger cigarette comes out.More Button

Does the Minister know how much tobacco is in a cigarette? Does anyone appreciate what it would represent?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 42—Posts and Telegraphs (Resumed).

The size of the print is more important than the size of the directory.More Button

If the Parliamentary Secretary ever tried to make a call from a kiosk at night he would know how hard it is to find the number.More Button

Are the staff quite happy with the arrangements made already?More Button

How did the radio industry survive in this country? They make thousands of parts. There are half a dozen of them manufacturing and they still survive.More Button

We should be able to survive with the world shortage and the present demand.More Button

It is not.More Button

You shot down Gallens of Balbriggan. You gave it to them last year. You took it from them the year before.More Button

It was.More Button

Cavan Fire Brigade were so good two years ago that you had one for nothing.More Button

You did not cut the weeds yet.More Button

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