O'Donnell, Patrick

Wednesday, 30 April 1969

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 240 No. 2

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Criminal Justice Bill, 1967: Committee Stage (Resumed).

There is one point I should like to bring to the Minister's notice in regard to this subsection. The Minister, as a lawyer, has considerable experience, particularly from the defence angle, as a crim...More Button

It is the law that a customs offence is a criminal offence and in such an offence a person charged has the right to go before a judge and jury, as any practitioner in the Border counties knows, and it...More Button

I can be arrested until I have proved that I did not.More Button

The fact that it was brought in is a criminal offence.More Button

The fact that I am found in possession of it is a criminal offence unless I can prove to the contrary, that it was legitimately brought in earlier, with customs duty paid on it.More Button

The subsection gives power of arrest to a garda and it is with this subsection that I am concerned.More Button

The reason is written on the tyre—“Made in Great Britain”.More Button

It is illegal to have the tyre in your possession and the onus is on you to prove that you got it lawfully and that you paid the duty or that somebody else paid the duty or that there was a duty-free ...More Button

Under this Bill they would be.More Button

No.More Button

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