O'Leary, Michael

Wednesday, 21 May 1969

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 240 No. 10

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Piggeries in Residential Areas.

asked the Minister for Local Government the present position in relation to piggeries operating in residential areas; and whether he is satisfied that the health of residents and their children is ade...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Security Arrangements.

asked the Minister for Justice whether it is the practice of a firm (name supplied) to inform Garda authorities of their security arrangements when dealing with certain aspects of their work involving...More Button

asked the Minister for Justice whether any contact is maintained between a firm (name supplied) and the Gardaí on certain aspects of their operations; and whether he is satisfied that the security arr...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 13—General (resumed).

I should like at the outset to solve the mystery of why we voted for this Budget's provisions. The Budget included certain increases in children's allowances, which we were in favour of. Had there be...More Button

This Government have a mandate to serve the country until March next. It would appear, however, that every Fianna Fáil Deputy is running from caucus to caucus to find out which candidate he will assa...More Button

It appears to me to arise because the Taoiseach referred to incomes and most people earning an income are in trade unions. The Government have quite recently amended or abolished certain trade union ...More Button

At any rate, the statement has been made by the Taoiseach about the new found zeal for social justice of his Party. I am merely pointing out that, while we welcome certain social welfare provisions, ...More Button

Perhaps it will not arise after the next Government are elected. It has to be referred to anyway. He has been referred to as Lorenzo the Magnificent and, most certainly, we can welcome the concession...More Button

The Taoiseach has referred to the 12 year record of this Government. It is quite obvious that if the Taoiseach has your permission to speak of their 12 years record in office it is only fair that oth...More Button

True, but the Taoiseach has not obeyed that rule. He has referred to their 12 years. As I say, it might be considered bad manners at this stage, but I recall that for a whole year we proceeded up an...More Button

No, we do not and we understand why you held on to it for six months. You have done nothing about this problem for over 12 years.More Button

You have done nothing about the constituencies which were most faithful to you, the people who returned Deputy after Deputy for you over the past 40 years. You have done nothing for the hinterland of...More Button

You have done well so far but the people are getting older and people are dying off.More Button

In the next five or six years we will have the same squalid race of your Deputies chasing too few constituents unless you do something about it——More Button

It is a counsel of deep complacency to think that you have done well in the past and you will do well in future but remember that people reach the allotted span and die and they cannot vote then, even...More Button

It is free advice and I am sure there is nothing original about it. In regard to the EEC we were asked to diversify our trade outlets and to get away from depending on the British market which is int...More Button

They have tried to suggest another heresy to go with their heresies of the past few years. They have attempted to suggest in this House that nobody is competent to run this country other than the mem...More Button

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