Murphy, Michael Pat

Wednesday, 2 July 1969

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 241 No. 1

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Nomination of Taoiseach.

This procedure is without precedent during my 18 years here. When the Chair announced the division and after he had named the tellers, the doors were locked and under no circumstances were Deputies a...More Button

Nomination of Members of Government.

I would not intervene had it not been for earlier contributions to this discussion. No matter what is said in course of this discussion the same old bunch of Ministers will be approved later on when ...More Button

I will have something to say about Deputy Boland because he is the member of the Government whom I detest most. He is incapable and arrogant. The figure of 113,546 was the majority against the Gover...More Button

We lost him by 101 votes. We lost my neighbour in midCork, Mrs. Eileen Desmond, by 300 votes.More Button

We would have had another seat in the Minister's constituency if the candidate got 84 votes more than he did. You could go around constituency after constituency and you would find that if you exami...More Button

I am quite entitled to continue on this trend because that is the trend which has been taken by previous speakers and I am entitled to continue in this way.More Button

Of course, it does. It is as a result of what happened in the general election that Fianna Fáil are here. We are discussing the personnel of the proposed Cabinet. I am quite entitled to say that the...More Button

I am quite entitled to say how they were elected.More Button

As I was saying, in case some Members are not in possession of the information already, despite all the assertions made, we increased our first preference votes by 30,511 and we got a grand total of a...More Button

I think, with due respect, Sir, that a discussion on the election which set off this motion, which gave a result of 75 Fianna Fáil Members, 50 Fine Gael, 18 Labour and one Independent is appropriate w...More Button

I am not getting very far away from this question. It is quite true to assert that Fianna Fáil are fortunate in being the Government. There is a great deal in the assertion that people supported Fian...More Button

With due respect to you, Sir, I shall resume my seat until you tell me the Standing Order with which I have been in conflict.More Button

Three Parties in the election sought support for their election as a Government. Each made that claim. I accept the fact that the Irish people did not believe that we, as a Party, would get sufficie...More Button

I believe some of the statements made in this discussion were outrageous. I have no hesitation in referring to the statements of Deputy O'Higgins. He accused the Leader of the Labour Party, Deputy C...More Button

I agree that Deputy Boland should applaud that statement and that those on the Fianna Fáil benches should applaud it because all they have to do is sit back while the Opposition is divided and they wi...More Button

With due respect, I am conversant with the Motion under discussion. Deputy O'Higgins went forward in this election and on almost every telegraph pole his notice read: “Fine Gael will win.” Wherever ...More Button

All these results have a bearing on the matter. We are speaking about the future and what the Government propose for us for the next four years. I am just recording some facts and I think I am quite...More Button

As long as I have had the privilege of being here I have always given credit where credit was due. I believe that is essential if we are to be honest and fair, as we should be in our approach to publ...More Button

That does not befit a Minister for Local Government. We came from Cork to discuss with him problems relating to the provision of water and sewerage in the district. This behaviour did not befit his o...More Button

——Haughey. They have been the very opposite. If I had occasion to meet the big man himself I do not think that type of arrogance would be forthcoming. Therefore, I say to the Taoiseach that public ...More Button

I am putting these matters before the Taoiseach because they are completely justified. If they were not I would be the last to make any assertions reflecting in any way on any member of the Governmen...More Button

This matter arises on the appointment of Ministers as well. The Minister for Lands is not in the House.More Button

Originally it was contemplated in the formulation of procedure for a discussion on the appointment of Ministers that it would be on a very comprehensive basis and cover a very wide field. Under Stand...More Button

During the course of his remarks Deputy Corish referred to the need for more State aid to develop industries in the western counties. I agree entirely with his viewpoint, which is clearly set out in ...More Button

I have referred to the motion. I am quite entitled to say what a Minister should or should not do during his term of office. The motion before the House is that Deputy So-and-So and Deputy So-and-So...More Button

With due respect to you, Sir, my contribution has been entirely within the rules of the House. I have studied them closely and carefully. I am quite entitled to make the assertions I have made. Were ...More Button

——the new Members elected. I think it is better not to make any prophecies on that score.More Button

Deputy Cunningham made an interjection about the election. One surprising feature in the election was that the Taoiseach wasted a day going to North-East Donegal. There must have been some good reaso...More Button

I think the reason was that they were getting bogged down there. In any case, that is not relevant now. I conclude my remarks here by expressing acceptance of the verdict of the people in giving Fian...More Button

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