Murphy, Michael Pat

Tuesday, 26 May 1970

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 247 No. 1

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Cement Strike.

On the Minister's assertion regarding the importation of cement, has he had any consultations with his colleague, the Minister for Industry and Commerce or with the Revenue Commissioners, on the black...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Motor Insurance.

The majority of people who have the misfortune to meet with an accident and consequently have to make a claim against an insurance company are more than anxious that such claims should be dealt with a...More Button

That is a supplementary question, Sir.More Button

Private Notice Questions: - Junior Hospital Doctors.

Why should this body, known as the County and City Managers' Association, have so much power? Why should it?More Button

It certainly does arise.More Button

Order of Business.

It does not include the general election, does it?More Button

Sea Fisheries (Amendment) Bill, 1970: Second Stage (Resumed).

Last Thursday I had mentioned that some of the executive staff of the board were doing their jobs reasonably efficiently. I had also spoken about the composition of boards and before the debate was a...More Button

The Minister can look up his dictionary when he returns to his office.More Button

Or he can ask his Parliamentary Secretary now. That is fruit for thought for the Minister for the night. In any case, it includes sole, brill, turbot, plaice and that type of fish. In 1967, the tot...More Button

That is a good one. The people getting the soft money are those——More Button

Of course I will tell the House. The Minister need not have asked me that question. I was about to tell the House but I thought the Minister would be aware of it. If I had here £1,000——More Button

No. I must illustrate. The Minister is from an inland place and I assume that he has not much knowledge of fishing so it is essential to illustrate in detail. There is not any sea around Kilkenny, C...More Button

I am for productive investment. I am not for exploitation.More Button

Yes, I am—at a fair return. I am not in favour of private investment in fishing at exorbitant rates of interest. That kind of money should come from some other source. I am not in favour of a perso...More Button

No, Sir. The person who puts money up—or down—is entitled to a fair return for his money. I am a firm believer in private enterprise and in that type of investment but I do not agree he should get an...More Button

I do not agree, either, that he should withhold, from the man who works on the boat, the returns from the fish markets of Dublin and Cork. These returns should be available to all the men. The men s...More Button

I think the Minister is at sea about the whole question.More Button

Surely the Minister does not want me to repeat what I have said?More Button

I gave the information in the most simple form possible. Seeing that the Minister is now in this position, I think there is an obligation on me to give the information to him. Let me turn now to anoth...More Button

I hope he will benefit by it. I am satisfied he will take action. It is impossible for a person from an inland place to know what is happening around the coast. One must be on the spot. One must m...More Button

The Minister solved that since Thursday. However, we must be using a large amount of the imported fish ourselves.More Button

Because we imported £1.862 million worth. Let us get down to this industry which is netting £1 million annually. I am sure, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle, you are reasonably conversant with the shellfish ...More Button

Read the Official Report. We will move away now from the discussion on the fishing ports. I discussed the ports last week and mentioned the necessity for developing them. We are very pleased with t...More Button

Deputy Dr. O'Donovan should know about Union Hall. The next item I want to deal with is the import of fish. I cannot understand why we should have had to import £1.862 million worth of fish last year...More Button

The Chair will agree that how that money is to be expended is relevant to the discussion. It is a big question to give a State-sponsored body the power of borrowing up to £5 million, particularly as,...More Button

An opportunity for more exhaustive examination is required. Part of this £5 million which the board expect to borrow will, I presume, be borrowed shortly. There has been a sum of £1.1 million written...More Button

What is the idea of wasting time with State-sponsored bodies?More Button

I am suggesting that the board should do more than they are doing at present. They should try to ensure that the necessity for importing such large and costly quantities of fish will not arise in the...More Button

It is my opinion that we should have more co-operation in a country like this of less than 3,000,000 people. While I criticised the Government and their activities during the recent debate I now exte...More Button

I elaborated on that. I qualified that statement.More Button

There is no fishermen's organisation so far as the small people are concerned. The organisations the Minister speaks of are organisations of owners and skippers and not of ordinary fishermen.More Button

Oh, no, but I want an organisation for the ordinary fisherman.More Button

I do not want to repeat myself about the sixth time in this discussion——More Button

The Board should endeavour to establish an organisation for the ordinary fisherman apart from those for the owners and skippers.More Button

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