O'Connell, John F.

Wednesday, 24 June 1970

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 247 No. 12

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - CS Gas Reports.

Will the Minister state if any familiarisation course is available to medical personnel in the Army on the ill-effects of CS gas, either in its use or in its handling?More Button

Has this been done in the Irish Army?More Button

The Department ignored it?More Button

Is the Minister aware that the full effects of this gas are still not well known or is he merely trying to evade commenting?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin Corporation Purchase Houses.

and Dr. Thornley asked the Minister for Local Government the number of successful applicants for Dublin Corporation purchase houses in the Kilmore and Tallaght areas, Dublin; the number of houses buil...More Button

With regard to Question No. 53, is the Minister aware in relation to some of the houses, the subject of the draw, that their allocation was actually arranged by this particular individual who is not b...More Button

May I ask you, Sir, why you ruled other questions out of order if the matter is not sub judice? Why did you rule them out of order wrongfully?More Button

Is the Minister satisfied that no house was allocated wrongfully? Is he aware of the fact that the Garda have evidence that at least one was.More Button

It concerns those you wrongfully ruled out of order, with respect.More Button

May I ask why you ruled that question out of order, the question calling for a public inquiry?More Button

Did you not tell me last week that my questions would be accepted on the Order Paper today? May I ask that?More Button

Last week you told me it would appear on the Order Paper today—a question relating to a public inquiry into the method of allocating Dublin Corporation purchase houses?More Button

Membership of EEC: Motion (Resumed).

The Minister was getting no support.More Button

I find this White Paper a very disturbing document. I am very disturbed about what is in store for us if we enter the Common Market. I got the distinct impression from the Taoiseach that we were goi...More Button

That is official Labour Party policy. We must ensure that the Irish worker is protected.More Button

I hope the Parliamentary Secretary will say his bit on our entry into the EEC.More Button

I am making it clear now. We were ridiculed when we opposed the Anglo-Irish Free Trade Area Agreement. We were told we were a bunch of reactionaries. For the first two years it looked as if we were...More Button

The Deputy does not think we will lose the power.More Button

I can say that the one concession we had under the Anglo-Irish Free Trade Area Agreement will disappear if we become members of the EEC. I think it concerns the confectionery industry. There was one...More Button

I am speaking about a factory in Bantry.More Button

I am far away from Ballyfermot. I think the prospects for Ballyfermot are deplorable. If we were seriously considering entering the EEC, were we planning in those years since we applied in 1961? In...More Button

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