Tully, James

Thursday, 27 May 1971

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 254 No. 3

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Committee on Finance. - Vote 39: Labour (Resumed).

I know that it was agreed to take Estimates on Thursdays but I should like to ask the Minister for Labour, through you, Sir, why the Redundancy Payments Bill is not being finished? Could the Minister...More Button

What is the figure?More Button

Retrained.More Button

Why was it not included in the Budget figure?More Button

Training for what?More Button

That is a different thing. The Minister is talking about children at school. We are talking about adults being trained and retrained.More Button

Not long enough. If I had got a few more minutes to prepare I would have gone on for another hour.More Button

I was jealous.More Button

It would take a couple of years to train them and if you intend to train them you would need to start.More Button

You said it about the 60,000 unemployed, that it was impossible.More Button

Not the only need.More Button

If the Minister tries to twist my words I have the right to point out that he will not do it.More Button

The Minister seems to have misunderstood me. I am as much in favour of the national wage agreement as he is. It is the interpretation of those to whom it applies which, I think, will have to be care...More Button

That is what I said, but not before and that is where some mistakes have been made.More Button

No. For instance, the local authorities agreement terminates on 31st December next and they come under the new agreement on 1st January, 1972. Therefore, they are not at present under the national w...More Button

Perhaps the Minister might have listened a bit more carefully.More Button

I quoted one.More Button

CIE made no offer from July in one year to May the next year.More Button

I was talking about school bus drivers, not the current dispute. I was talking about bus drivers employed to drive school buses whose claim has gone from July of this year to May of next year and no o...More Button

We have not allowed them to take strike action because we do not want these things if they can be avoided.More Button

God rest poor Seán Dunne. He put down a motion a few days before he died suggesting that they should get a certain percentage of the employment, but the Government defeated it.More Button

It could have been tried.More Button

Estimates, 1971-72. - Vote 26: Local Government.

He must be expecting a general election. The Deputy had better ask him. Progress reported; Committee to sit again.More Button

Questions—Ceisteanna. Oral Answers. - Oireachtas Staffs.

asked the Minister for Finance if he will state in respect of 1st May, 1960, and of 1st May, 1971, the number of staff employed in the Office of the Houses of the Oireachtas, indicating each category ...More Button

I have not asked the question but, perhaps, the Minister might be able to say if the establishment can be given as well or has the Minister got that? Should I put down another question?More Button

I mean are the vacancies which have not been filled included?More Button

Questions—Ceisteanna. Oral Answers. - County Donegal Industry.

Would the Minister be able to say whether or not it is correct that the factory has passed out of the hands of the former owner to Unilever and that in fact what Deputy Harte says is correct, that the...More Button

But they are closing now?More Button

Questions—Ceisteanna. Oral Answers. - Wandering Horses.

He is right.More Button

Questions—Ceisteanna. Oral Answers. - Army Regulations.

By the officers?More Button

The Deputy should hear what the officers are sometimes called by the men.More Button

Questions—Ceisteanna. Oral Answers. - Peace Keeping Duties.

asked the Minister for Defence how much money is owed to date by the United Nations to this country in respect of Irish peace keeping forces.More Button

Questions—Ceisteanna. Oral Answers. - Road Signs.

asked the Minister for Local Government if he will advise local authorities to clean or replace dirty or damaged road and tourist signs.More Button

I am sure the Minister has noticed that the road signs in practically every county seem to be very dirty. Some are badly damaged, so badly damaged that it is impossible to discern the names. Perhaps...More Button

Written Answer. - Tax Revenue.

asked the Minister for Finance if he will state in respect of the years ended 31st March, 1970, and 1971, the actual or estimated revenue from (a) turnover tax and (b) wholesale tax.More Button

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