Carter, Frank

Wednesday, 17 May 1972

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 260 No. 13

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Industrial Development Bill, 1972: Second Stage.

It will take the Deputy a long time to crawl out from under the avalanche.More Button

That is not the way the Europeans interpret the position. In fact, they say that our incentives towards industry are the best in Europe.More Button

That is out. That is only a robin's egg.More Button

They are so insignificant that they did not even deal with them at any length.More Button

The Europeans.More Button

Yes.More Button

We never said we accepted it in toto.More Button

We were entitled to do it.More Button

It seems to me that both of the Deputies who spoke on this subject are vexed. I do not know why they are vexed unless it be that the publication from the IDA was issued during the course of the latte...More Button

No matter how vexed the Deputy may be, and the Deputy is vexed—— (Interruptions.)More Button

As one of the leaders of the Labour Party, the Deputy will literally have to be dug out from under an avalanche of paper.More Button

And do not expect Deputies from this side of the House to come to the rescue.More Button

The point I am trying to make is that this report came out too late and was not at all inspired to direct or deflect the aim of the people away from the referendum. It is merely traffic in the lowest...More Button

I deplore the foul attempt which is being made to confuse this IDA report with other matters totally unrelated. However, getting back to the Bill, I think the aim of the Bill is a good one. Those of...More Button

I am grateful to the Deputy for confirming the fact that I am correct as to one part of my argument.More Button

We are not trying to throw cold water on the Buchanan report.More Button

It was commissioned to find out certain things about industry.More Button

We will come back to that aspect later. Having studied the report, we were satisfied that growth centres would not suffice in our circumstances. We are prepared to argue this at any level, across the...More Button

I am not.More Button

Any Deputy is welcome to contradict what I am saying. I am speaking from my own point of view as a member of my party.More Button

Deputy M. O'Leary implied that we are doing this from a low political motive.More Button

He said we wanted industries in every boreen. That is not so. We accept the report because we believe it is the best plan to enable us to strike a fair balance in our circumstances.More Button

They are not.More Button

Far from it.More Button

I invite the Deputy to take a drive with me down to the midlands tomorrow night.More Button

The towns of Clara and Athlone will be all right.More Button

We are not obliged to accept the advice of the Confederation of Irish Industry, of industrial correspondents or industrial consultants. Our task is to take the best part of advice tendered and apply t...More Button

I am not decrying the importance of industrial consultants.More Button

We are in an age of specialisation and governments and others have to have the advice of consultants.More Button

Because we take what we think are the best proposals made and try to apply them is no reason for assuming that we are ditching all the advice given. We are not. Far from it. We have, and I hope shal...More Button

It was a bit earlier, I think.More Button

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