Cluskey, Frank

Tuesday, 23 May 1972

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 261 No. 1

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Prisons Bill, 1972: First Stage.

How can you have amendments tomorrow?More Button

I say to the Taoiseach that the tragedy is that we are all going to stew in his juice.More Button

They can be transferred to the civil process.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Prisons Bill, 1972: Second Stage.

You are starting to smear us now before we make the speeches.More Button

But anyone else who does not agree with you is a traitor. We had this from Deputy Dr. Hillery during the referendum.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Prisons Bill, 1972: Second Stage (Resumed).

This is possibly one of the most difficult decisions any Member of a democratic assembly has been asked to make for quite some time. By virtue of accepting a seat in this Assembly one subscribes, or ...More Button

As well as being aware of their desires and their activities, we should also realise that unless we, as democratically elected representatives, are convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that certain a...More Button

Whether it be a takeover by a Right Wing organisation or a Left Wing organisation, I want to make it perfectly clear, and I want it to go on record, that any type of dictatorship, left or right, is r...More Button

I make that point for two reasons: first, we, in this party, particularly some Members of it, have been consistent in our condemnation of the violence engaged in by both sections of the IRA. Even peo...More Button

——because they have had one principle right through that period. Despite all the suffering, the deaths, the tarring and feathering and the burnings, they have been governed by one principle, not what...More Button

I am sure it must have been very hard for Members who are a little older than I am to hear a Fianna Fáil Deputy condemning men for trying to overthrow lawful government and for not recognising courts....More Button

I accept your ruling but if you will allow me a little latitude I shall relate it to a speech made by the Minister for Justice in the context of law and order.More Button

I shall refer to the Minister's speech and leave out the judiciary except where the Minister brought them in in the course of his speech. At the Fianna Fáil Ard-Fheis held in Ballsbridge we had a ver...More Button

We are dealing with military custody.More Button

The Minister would not allow Deputy Clinton in.More Button

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