Corish, Brendan

Wednesday, 29 November 1972

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 264 No. 2

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The Taoiseach's initial remarks were quite predictable and were forecast by speakers from these benches. He insisted that this was a Government Bill and not an “O'Malley Bill”. It is about time we s...More Button

Up to recently the Minister for Justice did not complain of inadequate powers. He mumbled about it in some speech in August of this year. What has changed the situation? If he wanted powers or thoug...More Button

That sort of excuse will not wash so far as we are concerned and, I hope, so far as this House it concerned. Our claim is that the Government were not restricted by legal problems but by political pr...More Button

I have not as much information as the Parliamentary Secretary. I do not know which page of the Evening Press he is reading but if he is relying on that source for his information, he is not with it s...More Button

All right, I accept that. Our decision also was unanimous. However, the Taoiseach did not think of Cabinet responsibility when the report of the Committee of Public Accounts was published recently an...More Button

So far as political problems are concerned, the Government brought this on their own heads and on their own heads be it if they insist on pushing through this legislation. The danger is in making it t...More Button

He tried to involve us in a dirty horse trade when he said that he would give us a debate on that particular Act if we gave him a Prices and Incomes Bill but we were not having any.More Button

Certainly, this subsection smacks of internment.More Button

The procedures proposed go against all established practices. If the Bill is passed it will damage the integrity of the courts. This is our big objection. Under this Bill information would be accept...More Button

I do not speak for Deputy Cosgrave any more than he speaks for me. I do not know whether the Minister for Lands speaks for the Minister for Justice and neither do I know whether Deputy Blaney spoke f...More Button

I regard Deputy Cooney as an honest man, as a good parliamentarian and as a good solicitor. I will not make any comment on the Minister's profession.More Button

As Deputy Cruise-O'Brien predicted, the Taoiseach came in tonight and blackguarded the Labour Party.More Button

The boot was on the other foot a few weeks ago when we were all being described as being anti-national. The Minister is in funny humour now but he was not so funny while making his statement earlier.More Button

We should get a little more information about section 5 where “document” is defined. (Interruptions.)More Button

Section 5 reads: The definition of “document” in section 2 of the Act of 1939 is hereby amended by the insertion after “advertisement” of the following: “and also— (a) any map, plan, graph or drawing,...More Button

Would I be incriminating myself by having such a document? While I am on section 5—this is the concern of quite a number of us in Parliament—could we have any guarantee from the Minister, because all...More Button

The Minister has not already given that assurance. It is a good few years ago.More Button

As far as illegal organisations are concerned, the Minister must admit our consistency in the face of attack, an attack from his own party. I had this note down before and I was justified in having it...More Button

All the Members of this party oppose violence.More Button

The Minister might ask the same question of some of the buckos behind him and see what sort of an answer he would get.More Button

The buckos behind the Minister were never consulted on anything. Their only concern was the concern of the Unionist Party in the North and that was to stay in power at any cost.More Button

That is their only interest in having you here. (Interruptions.)More Button

We will uphold the institutions of the State and give the Government support for upholding the institutions of the State.More Button

The Taoiseach talked tonight about the democratic system being damaged. (Interruptions.)More Button

If the democratic system in this country has been damaged it is the responsibility of the Fianna Fáil Party and their policy on the North.More Button

Does the Parliamentary Secretary remember the morale of the people of this country at the time when the Taoiseach, Deputy Jack Lynch, dismissed two Ministers for allegedly conspiring to import arms in...More Button

I am asking you a question.More Button

It was extremely low.More Button

We deplore violence from any side whether it be the IRA, the UDA, the UVF, Vanguard or anybody. Deputy Seán Sherwin may have spoken with sincerity today but if he thinks that the method which he seems...More Button

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