Spring, Daniel

Tuesday, 24 July 1973

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 267 No. 10

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Committee on Finance. - Oireachtas (Allowances to Members) and Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices (Amendment) Bill, 1973: Money Resolution.

What does the Deputy know about briefing?More Button

I cannot understand why the Opposition should go to the trouble of putting down four amendments to the Bill before the House. We had the Devlin Report before us in 1971. That report was sent forward...More Button

I did not interrupt the Deputy when he was speaking. Fianna Fáil were in power up to 14th March last and they had time to implement the recommendations of the report if they wanted to, but they ran ...More Button

There would be no need to introduce these four amendments if Fianna Fáil had done their job properly.More Button

The Government were in office until 14th March.More Button

The Fianna Fáil Government had the opportunity of implementing the Devlin Report which was referred to the Employer/Labour Conference. If they had done their job—as I am sure each and every backbench...More Button

We are doing it. We are implementing the proposals now that you backed away from. I thought there would be no opposition to this measure but the Fianna Fáil Party want retrospection to 2nd December,...More Button

We were told here last week that this came before him on 12th March. I cannot understand the opposition to this increase. It is just a matter of form, of course. They want the public to see that th...More Button

I have met a few of them in the last fortnight around here and they have said: “Try to get the Minister to give us a bit of back pay. Make it retrospective to 1st January or the date of the election.”More Button

I am not against it. I will take it, too, if I get it. It will be very welcome. I am speaking the truth now.More Button

Which the Deputy should have adopted long ago. He would be sitting over here now. I appeal to the Opposition Deputies to let this go through. I know you are all anxious for it. Deputy Crowley said...More Button

Get a bit of commonsense. You are just killing time here. Let the former Minister for Finance, Deputy George Colley, have a bit of sense. He should have implemented this long ago but he had not the c...More Button

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