O'Malley, Desmond J.

Tuesday, 24 July 1973

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 267 No. 10

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He is in a right pickle now. (Interruptions.)More Button

How much were they entitled to already? (Interruptions.)More Button

Surely the House is in Committee.More Button

On a point of order, I want to point out that the Ceann Comhairle when he was in the Chair a half or three-quarters of an hour ago agreed with Deputy Lynch in regard to this very point that Deputies w...More Button

In the course of his speech, if one could call it that, on this money resolution the Minister referred to certain figures in relation to pensions of Members and former Members of this House. He used ...More Button

Quote what you are asked to quote. (Interruptions.)More Button

What about the Government backbenchers? They are going from nought to £10,000.More Button

Will the Minister answer my question? The Government backbenchers are going from nought to £10,000.More Button

Is the Minister talking about something over and above what is in the amendment?More Button

Would the Minister like to answer the question I asked?More Button

Why not honour the agreement?More Button

The poor judges, God love us. They have not got soles to their shoes. The poor civil servants, the secretaries of the Departments, £6,000 a year. God love us!More Button

The last time I spoke here was the first time. This is the second and the next time I will speak on this motion will be the third time. Now that I am speaking for the second time, I want to ask the ...More Button

We have our own amendments down.More Button

We have our own amendments down. You put down yours. There were no consultations. Who took part in the consultations? Who took part in the consultations? I am asking the Minister a question. He has ...More Button

Reply now.More Button

Reply now.More Button

Come on.More Button

I will put the question as quietly as I can once more. With whom were these consultations to which the Minister refers held? When did they take place? What was the nature of them and what was the de...More Button

I put the question, Sir, twice at least to the Minister.More Button

But the Chair takes note, as we all do, that the Minister for Finance has made yet another statement in this debate which is totally without foundation.More Button

I will sit down now. Would the Minister like to reply to the questions I asked him?More Button

Answer the question I asked you. I am sitting down.More Button

I was in the process of it but I sat down three times to allow the Minister to reply. The Minister now says that these amendments were, as he put it, exchanged between the Taoiseach and Deputy Lynch....More Button

This is a very unlikely situation. The situation has been reached where the Minister for Finance, having made the previous totally untrue statement about consultations having taken place and on being...More Button

I did not say a lie. I was very careful to keep away from that, no matter what justification I might have had. I said an untrue statement and I think he accepts himself it must be an untrue statement...More Button

If the Minister will behave himself in a reasonable way he will be enabled to put through this legislation; but if he wishes to continue in this petulant and petty fashion, we can tell him that we hav...More Button

I asked the Minister what was the percentage increase. Is it not in the order of 9,000 per cent? We are told by the Minister that he must comply with the recommendations of the Employer/Labour Confe...More Button

That is not true. The Deputy should get the basic facts right before he speaks here.More Button

We got the report on 22nd December. Will the Deputy tell me on what date the Dáil sat between that and 14th of March?More Button

Can the Government pass Bills without Dáil Éireann discussing them?More Button

I was glad to note the tone of the Parliamentary Secretary's speech, which was in marked contrast to some of those which were made earlier today from the seat he now occupies. Perhaps if speeches in...More Button

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