Crowley, Florence

Wednesday, 13 March 1974

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 271 No. 2

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Local Government (Planning and Development) Bill, 1973: Second Stage (Resumed).

I welcome this Bill in the main. In this day and age when we are a developing nation and have the problems resulting from that development we should have pretty firm control over it. Because of its ...More Button

I realise that, but the Minister did not deal specifically with them. I know he mentioned coastlines——More Button

—and talked about liberalising the planning in relation to the coastline——More Button

That is the point I am making. Who decides that this takes away from the attractiveness——More Button

Some planners would tell us that every house erected takes away from the tourist amenity.More Button

They may be right. We should specifically insert a clause, similar to the clause we had in relation to the second family house on the farm, to enable any person in that category to qualify for one or ...More Button

The Minister is entitled to his view on the degree of enlightenment——More Button

I have no real fault to find with the Minister for Local Government. He may not always be the best behaved Deputy in the House when he is in the seat opposite but that is no reflection on his ability...More Button

What about them?More Button

One must accept the fact that you do have an invasion of the environment when you have any progress. The quality of life suffers to a certain degree. There is no doubt about that. It is not the per...More Button

Was the Parliamentary Secretary afraid that I did not? He is very much misinformed. His intelligence service is not as good as it used to be. Of course, this is what happens when you get promotion. ...More Button

On the question of the appointment of a chairman to the board envisaged by the Minister has he anybody in mind for the job and——More Button

I am being perfectly reasonable about it. It is a vital position to be filled. The qualifications and, indeed, the demeanour, the outlook and the approach of the man appointed are of paramount impor...More Button

The Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, who compares the people of Bandon, whom I represent, with the Chinese, is on another plane altogether.More Button

He will hear a bit more about that before I have finished.More Button

He should have retired before he went in.More Button

I know that the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs is much more au fait with Red China than he is with west Cork. I accept that completely.More Button

I know that is very important but when we have a Minister of Government who is not aware of the difference between Red China and west Cork——More Button

The Minister was just confused. I am being very polite to the Minister when I say he was confused.More Button

I am not being petty. We do not like to be compared with the people of Red China. We are very concerned in west Cork that a Minister of Government would come in and make the type of allegation he did...More Button

I am afraid I have to agree with you, a Cheann Comhairle, but I was diverted.More Button

I know that the chairman the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs would have in mind would be Chairman Mao. There is no doubt about it. We are talking about a much more important chairman—the chairman ...More Button

I have several suggestions and it is a man of commonsense like Deputy Callanan that we need in the position. The Minister knows my position now and I do not think he will appoint a party hack.More Button

If the Minister does he will be doing a disservice to the Irish nation. The system of political patronage has not spread to the Department of Local Government and I hope it does not.More Button

I regret that the Minister did bar members of local authorities from having anything to do with this. (Interruptions.)More Button

Members of local authorities have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and, more important still, they are in touch with people and are aware of what the people want. That is what we should be d...More Button

In a general way, yes.More Button

We do not all kowtow like the Deputies in the coalition parties. The poor Deputies on that side of the House are not permitted to open their mouths at all. The Deputies on that side who were vocifer...More Button

The Minister receives a lot more than I do to make decisions. That is what he is being paid for. I simply point out the pitfalls to the Minister and I hope he will fill them in. The annual report an...More Button

But will the information sought by the Minister from time to time relating to the board's functions be laid before the House and will that information be available to the members of the Oireachtas? W...More Button

I hope when the Minister replies he will clarify that point.More Button

So we can assume that all of that type of information which the Minister may seek will be made available?More Button

In a sensitive area like planning everything should be seen to be above board. Any information sought by the Minister is obviously information arising out of a situation where he is not completely sa...More Button

Did the Deputy ever have any representations made to him about planning applications? Maybe the Deputy is not available to his constituents as I am but I make no secret of the fact that I have had nu...More Button

And during this one.More Button

Deputy E. Collins is trying to be mischievous in his usual fashion. It is so long since I heard Deputy Collins in this House that I am glad to hear him, even if he is interrupting me. Those of us wh...More Button

Few of us will shed any tears on account of that aspect of it. I have no objection here to very stringent clauses being applied in relation to what I have mentioned. Indeed, it would be to the benef...More Button

Deputy Collins is aware that 99 per cent of this Bill was prepared by Fianna Fáil. The Minister, being an honest man, will not deny that.More Button

The Minister knows that 99 per cent of the present Bill was prepared by Deputy Molloy.More Button

We have before us, during the passage of this Bill, an opportunity of ensuring the proper enactment of planning policy. The Minister should spell out, first, the type of man he has in mind to act as ...More Button

Nobody would object to the payment of a nominal sum but the point I am making is that nobody should have to withdraw an appeal because of lack of money. Therefore, I am asking the Minister to ensure ...More Button

I do not suppose Deputy Coughlan would be too severe on Mr. Lipper should that gentleman wish to build an office in O'Connell Street, Limerick. While welcoming the Bill I trust that the Minister wil...More Button

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