Fitzgerald, Garrett

Thursday, 2 May 1974

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 272 No. 5

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Committee on Finance. - Vote 44: Defence.

This is my first time contributing to the debate on this Estimate. I should like to compliment our Army personnel, the FCA, the Red Cross and the Civil Defence service. In the short time since the f...More Button

I should like to pay a particular tribute to the troops serving on the Border. At times their task is difficult and I would ask the Minister to ensure that the morale of the Defence Forces is kept at...More Button

The troops operate under severe strain and stress, they work unusual hours and many of them are away from their wives and families. They make a vital contribution towards our security and anything th...More Button

I am asking the Minister to arrange that Army personnel visit the schools. This idea might be developed further. School children should be encouraged to develop a sense of pride in the welldressed a...More Button

I am not so sure the Minister is right. As a matter of fact, I think his term could be getting shorter by the hour.More Button

Am I not doing that? It is the Minister who is interrupting.More Button

Surely in speaking about this policy in schools, I am speaking to the Estimate.More Button

When you refer to the electoral policy of this party——More Button

I am speaking to the Estimate and to the Minister's statement regarding recruitment. Will I be allowed to speak to that?More Button

If there was any problem, it came from the Minister's side of the House. Becoming parochial for a moment, there are a number of incidents in Cork to which I should like to refer. I am glad to see in...More Button

I look forward to that.More Button

At that time there was a screaming anxiety amongst newly appointed Ministers to get publicity at every possible opportunity. The Minister gained his. This news came in from Cork. He boarded his heli...More Button

When those aliens and non-nationals were released a number of our own people were arrested.More Button

Do not try to put a wrong construction on what I am saying. Accept, even in your present state, that you are a responsible Minister for Defence and allow me to continue. Men were charged and tried b...More Button

——are gone away. We do not know how deeply involved they were.More Button

I am not making the kind of case the Minister is trying to maintain I am.More Button

I want to refer to the publicity which was attached to the searching of boats in recent times. I agree wholeheartedly that, if there is suspicion, these vessels should be searched but, in fairness to...More Button

The Minister should have a look at the barracks situation in Cork generally. Collins Barracks are well situated although, perhaps, not as accessible as one would wish in the case of a barracks for ma...More Button

I presume the Minister would be coming from Louth to Dublin rather than from Cork. I hope the Minister is not being led by some of his colleagues in Government, the majority of whom are Dublin-based ...More Button

Good. We can take it then that you will look at the barracks situation in Cork generally regarding improvements and the longterm future? Go raibh maith agat.More Button

I hope the same will apply to Collins Barracks, Cork.More Button

By all means. I should love to, anytime. I take it that is a firm commitment, Minister, and that when you are coming you will ask me to join you?More Button

I want to refer to other areas of land in Cork and particularly in the Crosshaven area. I should like the Minister to look at the situation and let us know what plans the Department have for it and wh...More Button

Go raibh maith agat. I should like now to refer to sport in the Army generally. I am glad to hear the Minister say, in regard to the Equitation School, that he is determined to build up this school ...More Button

I accept that it cannot be done overnight. You cannot just flick your fingers and everything is all right but it is very important. I was glad to see that you had some horses hired, or leased or rent...More Button

You are not following my train of thought. I must bring you back again. I want to see you and your committee co-operating in a very practical way with Bord na gCapall. You have some horses at prese...More Button

There are three points on which you have already promised to reply to me.More Button

The Minister has promised me on three occasions that he would reply to points I made to him. I ask him not to forget that when the time comes to reply. I presume things will be more normal at that s...More Button

The officers and privates in Collins Barracks came together to form a football team and had a football club for many years that was the pride of Cork city and made a tremendous contribution to footbal...More Button

I have a good deal to say yet. I shall not finish today. Progress reported; Committee to sit again.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Official Receptions and Travel Costs.

: The cost of official receptions including luncheons and dinners hosted by me in 1973-74 was £18,102. The Deputy will appreciate that virtually all official journeys undertaken by me and by officers ...More Button

I thought the Deputy was about to say I was not working.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - East-West Relations.

The Soviet authorities are already fully aware of the Government's views on freedom of travel and the right of the individual to emigrate. These matters are at present being considered by the Confere...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Water and Air Pollution.

So far as I am aware there has been no official inquiry into the matter referred to in the Deputy's question. The British Government ordered an inquiry in 1972 into lead poisoning at the smelter at A...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Fishing Agreements Ratification.

Ireland has ratified the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention signed in London in 1959 and the Fisheries Convention drawn up at London in 1964. Ireland has signed but not ratified a Convention on...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Housing Grants.

Would the Minister, when examining this report, take into consideration that building material costs in the next three months will probably rise very steeply, in the region of 30 or 35 per cent, and ...More Button

The Minister is cutting down on the grants, is that so?More Button

Does that mean that there will be fewer grants?More Button

The Minister, like myself, is a practical man who realises that there will be substantial increases in building material costs in the next few months. Will he please take this into account in examini...More Button

No, I am asking the Minister to give them now but to take into account what will happen in the next few months.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Water and Sewerage Grants.

asked the Minister for Local Government when he will sanction the plans submitted in respect of Tower sewerage scheme, County Cork.More Button

The new ones have not come yet?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Cork Road Fund Grants.

asked the Minister for Local Government the unexpended balance on Road Fund grants in respect of 1973-74; whether the balance will be re-allocated to County Cork in the present transitional financial...More Button

The county secretary informed us that the council had informed the Department that they could spend this year's grant and the unexpended surplus from last year during this nine-month financial year.More Button

What becomes of the £226,000 unexpended money in Cork last year?More Button

There is some confusion. The Minister said that £226,000 unexpended money cannot be reallocated. He then goes on to say that money that has not been spent on land acquisition and will not be spent —...More Button

There are three questions being answered together. The sum of £226,000 has gone. Where is it? Is it correct that some of it has been spent in other counties?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Cork Improvement Schemes.

For local improvement schemes?More Button

No account was taken of the huge increase in material costs and manpower costs in allocating these grants, with the result that Cork is losing substantially in comparison with last year's allocation.More Button

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