Cunningham, Liam

Thursday, 9 May 1974

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 272 No. 8

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Local Elections (Petitions and Disqualifications) Bill, 1974: Committee Stage (Resumed).

In the Constituencies Bill the Minister said we could like it or lump it, that the Government would guillotine the Bill through. That was his attitude then when there was all the time in the world to ...More Button

Perhaps I could explain this to the Minister. He had a time space of two years in which he could get the Constituencies Bill through.More Button

The Minister has adopted another steamroller of a different brand in relation to this Bill.More Button

The Minister is trying to get this section through because he feels it is necessary that there is a time limit and that we must make an ad hoc decision.More Button

If the Minister feels he will not have it through in time to allow for the local elections on the 18th June there is nothing to prevent him having the elections on the 20th June.More Button

If he wants us to discuss logically and reasonably in this House, with him and for the benefit of the House, our points of view and if the time limit to the 18th of June is not sufficient let him add ...More Button

The amendment seeks to delete a certain type of candidate who can be elected on the 18th of June. My point is we are entitled to discuss our amendment on the desirability of selecting or deleting cer...More Button

I am making the case that in order to discuss the amendment to section 24 we need time. The Minister has already said that there is not any time. We think it is necessary to have time to discuss thi...More Button

I am not suggesting that the elections be postponed for another year. I am only suggesting that they be postponed from one date in June to another.More Button

It is statutory that they be held in June. As already stated we do not agree that clerical officers who become county councillors should be allowed to remain in the employment of county councils and ...More Button

Which crossfire?More Button

I plead not guilty.More Button

The Chair looked fairly and squarely at——More Button

——my beautiful blue eyes. The Minister points to himself on every occasion as a paragon of virtue who will not do certain things. Everybody else is guilty of hooky business. The Minister never doe...More Button

I do not know where in the clerical scale a town clerk comes; he is not excluded according to this and a clerical officer is. Can a town clerk become a member of (a) his own local authority and (b)—I...More Button

You cannot exclude the Minister. He is a person.More Button

The Minister is interested in rate collectors.More Button

If he becomes chairman of the county council he can tell the manager to——More Button

In reverse.More Button

There would be no councillor either.More Button

Will the Minister put on a long-playing record?More Button

Why does the Minister always say the same thing?More Button

There are two stools here and all we are doing is asking the Minister to put them close together so that no one will fall between them. Take the case of a temporary part-time rent collector; he is n...More Button

The Minister for Local Government and the other Ministers might be making orders excluding certain categories. If in a particular category there is a prospective candidate who because of the order ma...More Button

The Minister's difficulty is——More Button

——that he is like a horse at a show. He has come up to the jump too quickly and left the decision to jump too late and now he is messing up his fences.More Button

It would save a great deal of saliva and so on if we just switched on the answer phone. The Minister left it too late. If the Minister had done his job in time this question would not arise and we wo...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Division of Commonages.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will introduce at an early date a scheme to divide commonages, especially the more viable ones, in order that they may become more productive under individual owners...More Button

Would the Minister say if he would bring in amending legislation or make orders simplifying procedures because procedures are cumbersome and the fact that so many commonages exist shows that the curre...More Button

I agree that there is a human problem, but one must also remember that there are large areas of commonage which, due to the human problem, are derelict. They are not viable and they could be made via...More Button

Does the Minister not have power to acquire parcels of land compulsorily? It may be that he should apply that provision to portions or fractions of commonages owned by certain——More Button

Would the Minister not consider compulsory acquisition?More Button

How can the Minister get community effort or goodwill in the case of a person who emigrated 30 or 40 years ago? His ownership of fraction of the commonage may hold up everyone else.More Button

He may be claiming ownership but he has not got the community spirit.More Button

That is what I am asking the Minister to remedy.More Button

Not all of them.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Price Increases.

Could the Minister give us from the reports of his inspectors the number of price increases which have taken place and which have not been sanctioned by anybody? Could he make that information availa...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Garda Border Pay.

Is the Minister aware that due to the location of some of the small Garda stations this subsistence allowance and the other emoluments are not sufficient because meals are not readily available and th...More Button

There are some cases where a permanent residence is not available and these gardaí have to go to the nearest hotel. Should that not be regarded as being in the same category as the first 14 days? If...More Button

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