Esmonde, John Grattan

Thursday, 9 May 1974

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 272 No. 8

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Local Elections (Petitions and Disqualifications) Bill, 1974: Committee Stage (Resumed).

Deputy Molloy accepts the amendment except for the last few words—“without prejudice to anything done thereunder”. I have been a little confused listening to Deputy Cunningham because it seems to me t...More Button

That is the whole point. For instance, the Deputy might buy property from the executor so acting and borrow money for that purpose from a bank or building society and subsequently the document used i...More Button

The Minister would be guilty of gross negligence if he did not have those words in this section because if a local authority with the assistance of a person subsequently disqualified by order did some...More Button

It is an on-going situation and one cannot always make time match at meetings of local authorities. In these words there is also an insurance against human error and we are all guilty of human error ...More Button

But he accepts the Minister's amendment if these words are omitted, but these words cannot be omitted.More Button

Deputy Molloy says he cannot understand why the Minister will not delete these words. These words are always used.More Button

You have to put in a period.More Button

Is the Deputy changing his views?More Button

All the secondary legislation is safeguarded in exactly the same way in the EEC. It is the same sort of set up.More Button

The Succession Act. All the statutes.More Button

We are dealing with a situation that could possibly arise.More Button

Deputies agree that it is necessary in certain circumstances, but they cannot agree that it is necessary in circumstances which can quite obviously arise in this case.More Button

The Deputy called the Minister——More Button

The Minister would be guilty of serious negligence.More Button

For the benefit of Deputy Andrews, I have spoken on this matter and I think where a process is revoked you must have that there.More Button

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