Barry, Peter

Wednesday, 30 June 1976

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 291 No. 14

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Vote 45: Defence (Resumed).

That is disgraceful. The Deputy should withdraw his remark.More Button

Vote 43: Transport and Power.

I move: That a sum not exceeding £52,483,000 be granted to defray the charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of December, 1976, for the salaries and expense...More Button

I shall deal with the points as they were raised. Deputy Barrett referred to Aer Rianta and to the Bill circulated last week in regard to rural electrification. The question of Aer Rianta transferri...More Button

If the Deputy would give me specific instances I would be glad to follow them up.More Button

I will take that up with CIE, as I will do with any other specific instances that are given. About six weeks ago I circulated a Road Transport Bill, and one of the provisions in that Bill is that, wh...More Button

That is not true. In any area there are CIE depots beyond which they will not deliver. There will always be people who will have to draw their goods from a CIE depot or dropping point. I do not thi...More Button

No. What the McKinsey Report recommended was that rather than having drops of small parcels at a large number of stations throughout the country they could gather in one depot and make big drops or ...More Button

Sorry, I have not dealt with Deputy Leonard's point. He talked about tourism and bed-nights being down 10 per cent in March. If he got the April figures for 1976 he would see an enormous increase in ...More Button

They are comparative figures for the first three months of 1976 over 1975. If Easter had fallen on the same date in 1976 as it did in 1975 there would not have been a fall in bed-nights; the figures ...More Button

The Deputy is talking about the VAT increases imposed by the Government. The VAT increases came in only on the 1st March.More Button

Yes, the federation applied to the National Prices Commission. They do not have to apply now, they are free to raise their own charges without applying to the National Prices Commission, but the hotel...More Button

That may be so, but does the Deputy agree that the 15 or 17 per cent increase in April this year over that of 1975 does account for something? It cannot be left out of one and put into the other. O...More Button

It has not yet come back. There have been officials from my Department out on a number of occasions answering points raised by the Commission as regards it but they have not given the final decision ...More Button

Vote 42: Industry and Commerce.

I am taking this. I move: That a sum not exceeding £86,703,000 be granted to defray the charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of December, 1976, for the s...More Button

The creation of 30,000 jobs between now and 1986 is an enormous undertaking and will require co-operation, investment, a sense of responsibility and maybe sacrifice by everybody in this country. It wi...More Button

Yes. Fianna Fáil chose to interpret this remark, that a rising tide lifts all boats, as being the example of how all industries and firms inside this country rise when the tide of the economy rises. ...More Button

That is true, and that has been the concern of this Government for the last two years: to see that the boat of the Irish economy does not go on the rocks. The safety valve of emigration which was the...More Button

I am talking about all Governments, but particularly Fianna Fáil who for years used the advantage of emigration to keep the people off the register of unemployed. Whether we are here, or whether there...More Button

That is right, yes. Industry in this country can be broken into a number of sectors. There are what can be called the old industries that were here before the State was formed. There are those which ...More Button

If international companies have confidence, what is wrong with the Irish companies? We passed a sizeable amount of money for the IDA for investment in industry. The sum is up by 40 per cent on last ...More Button

I think it probably went for lack of confidence in the international market for aluminium. It would not have been a large enough industry to satisfy 1 per cent of the Irish need. It had nothing to do...More Button

If you look down the list of the directors of the two major banks in this country, and the other two as well, you will see that everyone of these people who made speeches, who lectured the Government ...More Button

The Government act as a Government and there is no concern inside the council chamber whether the Minister who speaks is a Fine Gael Minister or a Labour Minister.More Button

Deputy O'Malley says profit is being made a dirty word in the past two years by the antics—I think that is the word the used—of Ministers of the Government. That is not true. I presume he is referri...More Button

That is a smear that is untrue and unworthy of Deputy O'Malley who is well able to make his points without resorting to half-truths of that kind.More Button

It has not been created by this Government nor can anybody point to any Minister of this Government with an anti-profit attitude. It is not true. We can see how much time the Minister for Industry an...More Button

I will give the Minister an extract from the Dáil Debates and I shall also speak to him about it.More Button

Deputy Wilson spoke about Fóir Teoranta but that comes under the Minister for Finance.More Button

The Deputy said that some £2 million was spent by Fóir Teoranta and it is down to £103,000 now. Surely that is a good sign.More Button

I believe that Fóir Teoranta have got extra money this year and it would seem to me that they are not using it, that there are fewer people looking for it, which is a very good thing. (Interruptions.)More Button

The fact is that £2 million was available for Fóir Teoranta for six months in 1975. They have got an increased allocation for 1976. Therefore, they have the money but they have spent only £103,000.More Button

If the Deputy will give me the name of the company——More Button

Written Answers. - State Bodies Statistics.

The information requested is set out below.More Button

The information requested is set out below.More Button

The information requested is set out below:More Button

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