O'Malley, Desmond J.

Wednesday, 30 June 1976

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 291 No. 14

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Vote 45: Defence (Resumed).

What was the date of the by-election?More Button

By something of which he is no longer fortified.More Button

Vote 46: Army Pensions.

Made in our factory in Belgium is written on it.More Button

Vote 42: Industry and Commerce.

I take it the Parliamentary Secretary is not available either, which is a pity. It is obviously totally unsatisfactory in these circumstances to try even to begin a debate of any description on indus...More Button

If he wants it built at all that is the only place he can get it built. I have a photostat copy of a company factory, Beherman Demoen, based in Bornem in Belgium. Their advertisement appeared in a p...More Button

Adoption Bill, 1976: Committee Stage.

Does this section apply only to orders made before the passing of the Act?More Button

Am I correct in understanding that the procedure which is to be followed in relation to consents in future is as laid down later in the Bill?More Button

And there is no question of the consent in the future being totally done away with as is here?More Button

The Government have made reference—this is something one does not like to talk about too much in public because it may give rise to apprehension on the part of some people—to the possible unconstituti...More Button

If there is reason to believe the exercise by the board of its powers under the 1952 Act, as amended, may be the exercise of a judicial function, is there not the possibility that section 2 may be un...More Button

I do not want to labour the matter but it is, unfortunately, a very important point. The purpose of the section is to deal with the failure by the board to do certain things the Supreme Court recentl...More Button

Potentially if a natural mother so wished she could appear at the hearing that led to the making of the adoption order. It has never been the practice for the natural mother to be there at the time o...More Button

The Minister will appreciate that while this provision probably was unavoidable in the circumstances it will create serious administrative difficulties. For one thing, the same committee of the board...More Button

Does the Minister agree that the same members will have to hear the mother as well as the adoptive parents?More Button

Will the Minister tell the House what is the normal quorum for a sitting of the board? Is it three?More Button

I can see why this provision is in the Bill but would the Minister not agree that it is a very loose provision, that the board have no way of knowing that the report they get is accurate? I can see w...More Button

I do not think the Minister would be talking in this way if that were the case.More Button

In this phrase, “having regard to these interests and to the rights under the Constitution of all persons concerned”, has the Minister in mind the reference in the Constitution to the inalienable and ...More Button

Does the Minister's thinking extend to any change in the position of the parents of a legitimate child towards that child and vice versa, or does the Minister's thinking apply to orphans and illegitim...More Button

Can the Minister specify exactly what are the interests and rights under the Constitution of all persons concerned?More Button

Am I correct in assuming this reference to the interests and rights under the Constitution of all persons concerned is to the natural mother and/or the natural parents?More Button

Rather than any rights of the adoptive parents?More Button

Assuming the first amendment in the Minister's name is accepted, will this not put the adoptive parents in exactly the same position as the natural parents, in which they have not been hitherto in gen...More Button

The adoptive parents were not, in fact, heard or represented, I understand, in the recent case.More Button

Will this section ensure that if any such thing were ever to happen again they would be heard?More Button

Does the Minister regard it as satisfactory that in the recent case they were not on notice and represented?More Button

Would it not be unusual if a natural mother or natural parents, as in the recent case challenged the validity of an adoption order and secured a declaration to that effect, that they would not seek to...More Button

I have no objection to this section. It is very important, very difficult and very tricky. It is a great pity that, unfortunately, due to circumstances we have to skim through the Bill.More Button

It is but it has many consequences.More Button

It does not at the moment. No custody order was made in the recent case.More Button

Adoption Bill, 1976: Report and Final Stages.

May I make a few remarks in the very short time left? I have read this Bill and agree fully with its objectives, what it sets out to do and why it has to set out to try to achieve these objectives. B...More Button

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