Corish, Brendan

Wednesday, 20 October 1976

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 293 No. 1

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin Hospital Construction Personnel.

The St. James's Hospital Board recently advertised appointments to the design team for the proposed new hospital development in a number of publications, including the Irish national daily press. The...More Button

The interview board will determine that. The board, in the long run, will determine that.More Button

I am afraid I would not be able to make a comment on that. I will await the recommendation of the St. James's Hospital Board, following the report of the interview board to them.More Button

I will not make any commitment until I get the report from the board of St. James's Hospital. Such was not always the case. Perhaps the Deputy would throw his mind back to the appointment of the archi...More Button

Would the Deputy not be a little bit sensible? Does he remember the name or the nationality of the architect who was appointed for Wilton Hospital in Cork?More Button

Because Fianna Fáil did it.More Button

I am afraid I could not interfere now with the working of the interview board. I think it would be unfair at this stage.More Button

Of course I could not. The advertisement did not confine the appointment of these people to Irish nationals.More Button

Many things will have to be taken into consideration before a final decision is made.More Button

The Deputy would not expect me to intervene at this stage when interviews are taking place. (Interruptions.)More Button

I know what the Deputy did in Wilton Hospital——More Button

I am not saying the Deputy did but his colleagues did.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Medical Staff Appointments.

I presume that the question relates to the appointment of consultant medical staff. I am not aware of any new regulations, of the kind mentioned by the Deputy. The normal provision for such posts is...More Button

I am not so aware but I will make inquiries into the matter.More Button

I have said I was not aware of the instructions the Deputy mentioned. I will inquire into the matter.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Limerick Training Centre.

I regret that, due to current economic difficulties, it has not yet been possible for me to make the necessary finances available to enable the Bawnmore complex to be opened. I shall be receiving a ...More Button

And maintenance.More Button

I do not think the figures the Deputy mentioned are quite correct. As I have pointed out, I have agreed to receive a deputation from the three interested parties and I will discuss with them what, if...More Button

I would not be able to decide that until I have seen representatives of the health board, the parents and the Brothers of Charity.More Button

This is so and I explained fully why it was not possible to have a complete opening of the Bawnmore centre during 1976. Quite frankly, the money was not available to do this. I am informed it would ...More Button

The figure has increased to £640,000.More Button

I will discuss this matter with the deputation.More Button

Yes.More Button

The Minister is aware that he has provided an extra 700 beds in the last two and a half years——More Button

An extra 700 beds have been provided.More Button

That is not so.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin ENT Clinic.

I am informed that there is at present an average waiting period of about four months for an appointment at the ENT clinics held at this hospital. Urgent cases are seen without delay.More Button

Certainly I am not and I do not think any Minister would be satisfied. It appears in respect of the Temple Street Hospital that the waiting list is somewhat longer than in respect of two similar inst...More Button

It will be a little difficult because there appears to be a larger child population in the Deputy's constituency than in the other areas, although I am not blaming the Deputy for that.More Button

I have not any specific plans but it is my endeavour to reduce the waiting period. There has not been any deterioration in 1976; the waiting list has been approximately the same for the last four or ...More Button

My information is that the position there is about the same as it was last year and in previous years but there is a difference in the waiting periods in each of the three hospitals I have mentioned. ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Orthodontic Services.

I am informed by the Eastern Health Board that orthodontic services for children in the Dublin region did not cease. They continued to be provided for those who were receiving active treatment but, f...More Button

That information should have been included in the reply. The number of children awaiting assessment is 2,500, while the number being treated is 1,500.More Button

I cannot answer that specifically but the emphasis is on the basic dental services. I am not saying that orthodontic treatment is unnecessary. It is very necessary in respect of some children; but un...More Button

In so far as the impediments are concerned there would be priority in respect of those cases in which there is an interference with general health because of crooked teeth, the non-alignment of teeth ...More Button

Children who are being treated while attending national schools can continue to have the treatment after they have gone on to secondary school.More Button

It is a valid point, but I am afraid I could not give any definite commitment in that regard. The basic dental services are provided for all those who need them within the category defined.More Button

I do not get the Deputy's point.More Button

Yes.More Button

That is the normal course.More Button

They would still have to be referred through an orthodontist.More Button

That is the position so far as I am aware.More Button

No new applications were received during that period but the service was resumed fully in October.More Button

Written Answers. - County Waterford Health Services.

This is primarily a matter for the South Eastern Health Board, who are responsible for the provision of health services in the Dungarvan area. There is and will be a wide range of services available ...More Button

Written Answers. - Social Welfare Benefits.

The appropriate allowance book, effective from July, 1976, was issued to the person concerned in this case on 20th August, 1976.More Button

A claim for unemployment benefit made by the person concerned on 12th July, 1976 was disallowed by a deciding officer on the ground that she did not satisfy the statutory condition for entitlement to...More Button

It was decided by an appeals officer that the person concerned is not entitled to an old age non-contributory pension on the ground that her means exceed the statutory limit for entitlement to pension...More Button

The latest year for which information is available as to the numbers of social insurance contributions paid—including contributions in respect of social welfare, occupational injuries, redundancy and ...More Button

It is estimated that the gross cost of an increase of 10 per cent in the rates of all social insurance and social assistance payments, including increases for adult and child dependants and a similar ...More Button

Arrangements have been made for payment this week of all unemployment benefit due to the person concerned on his claim of 18th September, 1976. Further payments will continue as they fall due. His e...More Button

The appropriate allowance book was reissued to the person concerned in this case on 14th October, 1976.More Button

The delay in paying occupational injury benefit to the person referred to by the Deputy was due to the fact that when he first claimed benefit in respect of an infected finger he furnished only the tw...More Button

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