O'Leary, John

Wednesday, 1 December 1976

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 294 No. 8

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Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Bill, 1976: Committee and Final Stages.

I stated on Second Stage that the sum of £300,000 mentioned in section 2 (4) is not adequate.More Button

I have a further point to make. The sum of £300,000 as far as the ESB and the people of rural Ireland are concerned is nothing. It is chicken feed. It costs approximately £150 to £200 to put down on...More Button

I am still not satisfied with the Minister's reply to my previous question that the sum of £300,000 under section 2 (4) is sufficient. I am satisfied it is not. Will the Minister specifically reply t...More Button

This is a sham Bill, an election gimmick and nothing else. The Minister has now admitted that he has brought the Bill into the House without any information as to what the cost will be. He has limite...More Button

——without having the foggiest idea as to the number of transformers to be erected in these areas. It costs a lot of money today to erect a transformer, far more than it does to connect an ordinary ho...More Button

I asked five questions and the Minister answered none of them.More Button

I did not promise it and my speakers did not promise it.More Button

My blood pressure is perfect.More Button

I take it that the Minister is availing of the opportunity of the Bill to make this change.More Button

I am disappointed with this Bill. I welcome it in general but I am not satisfied with the figure of £300,000 and I have said this before. Because of the fact that the Minister had no replies to queri...More Button

I am also very disappointed that the Minister has not imposed any time limit on the ESB for carrying out the provisions of the Bill. As I said before, this is a sham Bill. It is nothing but an elect...More Button

Building Societies Bill, 1975 [Seanad]: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I am far from happy about section 80 of this Bill. I have always had strong feelings regarding the propriety or otherwise of issuing loans on second mortgages or second charges. I would even go so f...More Button

Because the section is in the 1894 Act, does not necessarily mean it should be in the 1976 Bill. It is well known that managers, secretaries and accountants of building societies are good business pe...More Button

To be quite honest, Deputy Faulkner's amendment is reasonable and suitable.More Button

During the course of discussion on this Bill and in accordance with the provisions of this Bill the registrar has been portrayed as the key figure in its operation with the exception of sections 37 an...More Button

I know from dealings which I have had with the existing registrar that he is a most suitable person.More Button

What we are arguing about here is the method of appointing and removing a registrar. The Government should accept this responsibility and a registrar should be removed only by the Minister on the pas...More Button

I agree in principle with this Bill. It is good legislation but I would make the point that here again we seem to be enacting so much of the legislation of the last century. This is true particularl...More Button

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