Clinton, Mark A.

Wednesday, 15 December 1976

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 295 No. 5

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Agricultural Grants.

No proposals have been made so far to the EEC Commission for changes in the 1977 disadvantaged areas schemes. Inspections under the 1976 scheme have been concluded only recently and payment of grants...More Button

The Deputy knows there was a recent reassessment of a large number of areas throughout the country and that a small number have qualified which had not qualified earlier. However, there is no possibi...More Button

At the time of the drawing up of the schemes I suggested the possibility of having them considered on the basis of individual holdings. The suggestion was turned down because it was considered to be ...More Button

There is no possibility of having such a proposal accepted because these areas do not meet the criteria laid down in the directives.More Button

That is true. The schemes are not truly consistent but the trouble is to find a way to administer the schemes if they are not blocked out in some way consistent with recognised boundaries.More Button

It is a long list. I will send to the Deputy the criteria in detail.More Button

I will be glad to do so.More Button

This was not our doing —it was not done by the officers here.More Button

This is an argument entirely without substance because both the officials here and the EEC officials agree that the lines originally drawn were in fact as correctly drawn as it was possible to draw th...More Button

The disadvantaged areas are financed to the tune of 65 per cent now as a result of our efforts.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Farm Modernisation Scheme.

Our proposals were put forward in the context of a general review of Directive 159 on which discussions have already commenced and in which all member states and the Commission are participating. As ...More Button

The Commission have been fully acquainted of our proposals by the farming organisations and the advisory service in relation to this directive.More Button

We sent our own proposals and we also sent them what was proposed by the other organisations who are interested and concerned in this as well so that they would have a full picture.More Button

It is not just the Irish version they are listening to and looking at. They have every country's version. This is a general review—— (Interruptions.)More Button

——of the experience of the various countries in the course of operating the schemes.More Button

The grant is a percentage of cost. If the price goes up the percentage goes up as well.More Button

I do not see that it would be possible to have this sort of escalation clause in individual contracts for jobs all over the country. I think it could not be administered.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Beef Exports.

I would refer the Deputy to the reply to his question on this subject on 19th May last. Since that time a report on the vac-pack trade in the UK, which was commissioned by CBF, has become available. ...More Button

How more active can the Department be than with the pressure they have been putting on the meat processors throughout the last three or four years to do the maximum amount of processing and to give th...More Button

I do not have to read it. I know it is a good idea. Three-quarters of this processing is in farmers' own hands in co-operatives and it is for their benefit and that of the country that it be sold at...More Button

Written Answers. - Mayo College Acquisition.

As the number of agricultural colleges at present in the country is adequate to cope with current demands for agricultural education and any which are likely to arise in the foreseeable future, I woul...More Button

Written Answers. - Farm Modernisation Scheme.

The grant will be paid in the near future.More Button

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