O'Malley, Desmond J.

Wednesday, 25 May 1977

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 299 No. 11

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Friendly Societies (Amendment) Bill, 1976: Motion to Discharge Order.

It is not because he needs no experience at all.More Button

You can be Attorney General but you cannot be Registrar of Friendly Societies or the coroner.More Button

Who believes that?More Button

Would the Parliamentary Secretary repeat the last sentence?More Button

What was the advice?More Button

Which Attorney General is giving this advice?More Button

The Attorney General's advice continues: —and the Clerk of the Dáil if so directed by the Ceann Comhairle, could make the apropriate corrections, under the terms of Dáil Standing Order 104... The alte...More Button

The appropriate and proper procedure in a matter such as this should have been for the Minister or the Parliamentary Secretary to make available to the Opposition the advice of the Attorney General. ...More Button

I should have been given a copy of it in advance. The Parliamentary Secretary should have read out already the full advice without my having to ask for it because it can be very misleading to pick is...More Button

If we had this in front of us it would be easier. It is difficult to remember all the details, but there are some significant phrases in it, and it is a little disturbing that they should have been c...More Button

I was not inquiring from the Chair about the question of corrections to Bills. I was inquiring about whether or not the Ceann Comhairle agreed—it is suggested by the Attorney General that he should b...More Button

Why is it that the House at large, particularly the Opposition, were not informed of these secret consultations that went on?More Button

The House made an order and the House is entitled to discuss the effort, which I believe is illegal, to upset an order of this House under a guillotine whereby we have to stop this discussion in 16 mi...More Button

In a half hour guillotine. In the course of the Attorney General's opinion, which was read so quickly to us, after I had specifically requested it, he says that the Bill concerned, the Friendly Socie...More Button

The Attorney General bases his opinion and advice on that. Today's and yesterday's Order Paper, which contains the guillotine motion, should be looked at. Towards the end of yesterday's Order Paper ...More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary says that he is doing this on the basis of the best legal advice available to him. That advice was given in the days when the previous Attorney General held office. The ...More Button

They bring it in here again with, on their own admission, eight errors in it. The Leas-Cheann Comhairle counted the errors and agreed the Bill could not be passed and these formal corrections could n...More Button

When I forced the Parliamentary Secretary to read it.More Button

The part the Parliamentary Secretary tried to conceal——More Button

A Cheann Comhairle, will you try to keep the Parliamentary Secretary in order while I am speaking.More Button

The part the Parliamentary Secretary tried to conceal contained a statement by the Attorney General which showed he was clearly under a misapprehension as to one of the fundamental premises on which t...More Button

The advice sought and obtained is based on the premise that this Bill was still with the Dáil. The Attorney General's opinion states that, since the Bill is still with the Dáil, it should not now be s...More Button

This House and those concerned with Parliament should most certainly be very much on their guard at this present moment.More Button

Supplementary Estimates, 1977. - Finance Bill, 1977: Report and Final Stages.

Indeed there are. There is a clatter of them.More Button

We were told that we had until 6.30 to table amendments. We put them in at 6.20. The Bills Office are not able to cope with the many-bladed guillotine. They cannot be blamed for the situation.More Button

There are only two hours remaining to us for the Finance Bill. Already we have lost five minutes. I am not blaming the Bills Office for the situation. It has been brought about by the guillotine tha...More Button

The normal practice is to circulate the Bill as amended in Committee before it is reported back to the House from Committee. The amendments that have been put down in respect of Report Stage refer to...More Button

Normally there is no reference in Report amendments to sections, only to pages and lines.More Button

Why not let the Minister go to Dublin Castle and make the law there with five or six others? This is disgraceful when we recall that men fought and died in order to have Dáil Éireann established.More Button

They would turn in their graves if they saw what it is today, a rubber stamp in the hands of the Revenue Commissioners, and the whole thing shows nothing but contempt for the democratic process.More Button

Have you read them?More Button

Has the Ceann Comhairle read them? He has not even seen them.More Button

In order for any Member of this House to put in an amendment in proper form on Report Stage of this or any other Bill it is necessary for him where the Bill has been amended in Committee—and this Bill...More Button

Is Franco dead when this thing goes on? Is this the spillover of last Sunday in the Mansion House? This is that spill-over in practical terms. Would the Chair answer me now? How are we expected to...More Button

It is not your fault you are in the position you are in, a Cheann Comhairle.More Button

That means it is in order? (Interruptions.)More Button

Why was it not in order?More Button

And the Chair is now changing his ruling. The Chair has already ruled that Deputy Haughey's amendment No. 3 was out of order and he is now ruling that it is in order.More Button

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