Colley, George

Thursday, 10 November 1977

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 301 No. 5

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Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, 1977: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I was dealing yesterday with some of the points which were raised on this amendment and on the associated amendments, Nos. 5, 6 and 7. I was pointing out that Deputy Pattison must have misunderstood ...More Button

I had hoped we might get all Stages now, but I appreciate the Deputy's difficulties.More Button

“To identify in consultation with Departments of State and to review and appraise the plans and activities of such Departments giving effect to the policies ...” and so on.More Button

I appreciate Deputy Barry's concern, but before we could adjourn this debate we would probably have to consult our respective Whips.More Button

The House can change the order, as far as I know, if it agrees, but I think it should not agree without the Whips being aware of the consequences, which may be unknown to us.More Button

I am suggesting the House should not decide it without the Whips being aware of it and approving.More Button

My officials did not know anything about the suggested amendment I read out, so I will put it in writing and hand it across to the Deputy to give him a chance of considering it.More Button

There has been some consultation between the Whips. Subject to one problem I shall mention in a moment, there would be agreement, if the House wished to do so, say, to adjourn for 15 minutes to enabl...More Button

That does not present any problem from my point of view except that while I appreciate I cannot get an undertaking I would hope we would be aiming to complete at least the Committee Stage of this Bill...More Button

The position is that I have written out the amendment I suggested across the floor of the House and have given a copy to Deputies P. Barry and Pattison. They need an opportunity to consider that. If ...More Button

Yes.More Button

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 1977: Second Stage (Resumed).

Yes, he does.More Button

We will come to that on a later section of the other Bill. But I can assure the Deputy that he does exist.More Button

There is no basis for this at all.More Button

We did but the Minister for Economic Planning and Development was finished with his business. The business with which I was concerned was not finished, although it was a joint meeting with the Ministe...More Button

The particular item was not going to be disposed of, as we knew. In any event it had been decided at a Government meeting that I would leave at that stage anyway in order to deal with business at home...More Button

That did not happen.More Button

The other item has yet to be decided.More Button

I do not want to interrupt the Deputy but he and a number of his colleagues have been repeatedly making that mistake. The Fianna Fáil Government attended meetings throughout 1972 and early 1973. Arra...More Button

They were much more active than that.More Button

I can assure the Deputy that that point is being covered.More Button

The discussion on this Bill has indicated a general welcome for the basic idea and an acknowledgement of the fact that something must be done to try to ease the burden which lies today on a number of ...More Button

I trust that the Deputy will not draw me too far on what was left behind by Governments because I might be tempted to remind him of what was left behind by him and his colleagues.More Button

One of the matters that was referred to in the context of this discussion was the reform of Parliament in relation to the duties of Ministers. There was the usual reference to a greater use of the Com...More Button

Deputy Barry may not recall as vividly as I recall—I was here right in the middle of it—the very difficult and bitter debate which arose primarily because the previous Government as one of their first...More Button

They were increased in line with other increases which were then in line with the national pay agreement.More Button

No. Does the Deputy mean in 1973?More Button

My attitude is quite consistent. I felt then that all these matters should be dealt with on a formula related to the national agreement, and that is what I feel now.More Button

Yes. I hesitate to be positive because I am not sure whether there was an increase which was related to a national pay agreement. One would have to find out when was the last pay increase and when w...More Button

I hope not. He agrees that there is some substance in the argument and section 8 of the 1939 Act appears to be unconstitutional.More Button

I appreciate that. This is because of the reasons I have stated and apparently because of the unconstitutionality of section 8 which is being repealed. Instead of that steps will have to be taken w...More Button

I hope there will not. I hope the necessary amendment will be made in the Standing Orders of both Houses.More Button

The recommendation will have to come from the Committee on Procedure and Privileges and be accepted by the House. I do not wish to delay the House unduly on this matter. I am grateful for the general...More Button

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 1977: Committee and Final Stages.

That is right.More Button

On Second Stage I explained the reason behind that. Question put and agreed to. Sections 2 and 3 agreed to. SECTION 4. Question proposed: “That section 4 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

It is a rather lengthy title. It would be the Minister of State at the Department for whatever it is. I am sure we will evolve some suitable title. Question put and agreed to. Sections 5 and 6 agree...More Button

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, 1977: Committee Stage (Resumed).

Perhaps I might start by inquiring from Deputy Barry and Deputy Pattison whether they have had an opportunity of considering the suggested amendment I put forward this morning and can indicate their r...More Button

Yes.More Button

I am glad Deputy Pattison and Deputy Barry regard my amendment as an improvement. We can deal with that procedurally before we conclude the debate on these amendments. As regards going further, I am...More Button

If it is of any help to the Deputies I can indicate now that it is my intention to move the amendment since both Deputies have indicated that it would be acceptable to them.More Button

I would suggest that perhaps that is the most practical procedure.More Button

We were visualising a cottonwool situation for another future Government. We will attack them on a different basis.More Button

I move amendment No. 4 (a): In page 2, subsection (2), lines 26 and 27, to delete from and including “to review” in line 26 down to and including “State” in line 27 and to substitute “to identify in ...More Button

The development of economic and social statistics and indicators will be promoted by the new Department as part of its general functions to promote and co-ordinate economic and social planning for the...More Button

I understand we can.More Button

Do I move it now?More Button

No, I am not proposing another amendment.More Button

There is a particular point I wanted to mention that Deputy Barry raised, but I can do it on the next Stage.More Button

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, 1977: Fifth Stage.

I want to take this opportunity of mentioning a point which was raised by Deputy Barry this morning. I said I would deal with it when we came to it, but I overlooked it. He asked whether the Ministe...More Button

Apart from that, I also have section 2 (3) and in that connection I wanted to point out to the Deputy that the creation of a new Department requires the creation of a new office of Minister having cha...More Button

I think it was the Public Service.More Button

Written Answers. - Fishing Boat VAT Refund.

Under the Value-Added Tax (Refund of Tax) (No. 2) Order, 1972, which governs such cases, the owner in question will not be entitled to a refund of VAT. Under the order, refunds in respect of fishing b...More Button

Written Answers. - Land Commission Estates.

: No special allocations for job creation purposes under the auspices of my Department were made in either the January budget or since the general election.More Button

Special allocations for job creation purposes were made to the Office of Public Works and the Industrial Credit Company Limited with the following job-creation consequences:— (a) Office of Public Wor...More Button

Written Answers. - Civil Service Pensioners.

There is no ex gratia pension scheme for the widows and children of unestablished civil servants and, accordingly, the question of providing pension parity does not arise. However, the provision of a ...More Button

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