Fitzpatrick, Thomas J.

Wednesday, 10 May 1978

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 306 No. 5

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Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Bill, 1978: Report Stage.

(Cavan-Monaghan): I move amendment No. 3: In page 2, between lines 37 and 38 to insert: “2.—The Minister for the Environment, in conjunction with the Revenue Commissioners, shall, within three months ...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): The meaning of that is that it is not outside the bounds of possibility that the income tax on farmers will be enforced at a lower threshold than that which appears in the Finance Bi...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): On a point of order, Deputy Bruton is asking the Minister to accept certain things.More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): I do not have very much more to say on this amendment. Deputy Bruton put the case extremely clearly. When speaking originally I stated that it is quite clear that the Bill as presen...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): It does, because the only explanation I can get for the Minister's failure to accept the amendment is that he wants to hush the whole thing up. We had a very long Second Stage and C...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): The Government are not prepared to justify the Minister in opposing this amendment. They are not prepared to stand behind the Minister and say that it is an unreasonable amendment....More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): I move amendment No. 4: In page 2, line 39, before “Relief” to insert “Withdrawal of”. The effect of this amendment is to change the title of the Bill from the present title which re...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): That was stated by members of the then Opposition during that campaign. Representatives of the then Government parties, Fine Gael and Labour, stated during that campaign that Fianna...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): I do not propose to do that. However, I must make the case that the title is misleading.More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): It is misleading in the extreme. I will get away from that subject in a moment. I remember the charge being made by Fine Gael and Labour people that Fianna Fáil would pass the rate...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): If we are to take the Bill at its true value, it might be about smoking or anything else. It is misleading. We might be able to discuss any topic under the Bill. We should be honest...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): That was the only defence he put forward against the amendment.More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): I am not surprised that the Minister is apparently determined to brazen this debate out. He has failed to justify his proposals and failed to reply to arguments. This has been a ve...More Button

Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Bill, 1978: Fifth Stage.

(Cavan-Monaghan): In so far as this Bill contains relief I have no objection to it and neither have those Members on this side of the House. In so far as those sections which do not contain relief a...More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): I do not propose to do that.More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): I am speaking on the effect of section 1 (2).More Button

(Cavan-Monaghan): The effect of that is to enable the Minister to reduce the threshold from £50 to £40, to £30, to £25 and to £1. I am using as an argument in favour of that the letter I got from the...More Button

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