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Wednesday, 31 May 1978

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 307 No. 2

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Dr. O'Connell: Information on John F. O'Connell  Zoom on John F. O'Connell  asked the Minister for Agriculture the percentage increase in the average retail price of farm food products since January 1973; and the proportion of this that is accounted for by the annual increase in farm prices in Brussels, adjustments to the monetary compensation amounts, and other measures taken at EEC level.

Minister for Agriculture (Mr. Gibbons): Information on James M. Gibbons  Zoom on James M. Gibbons  : The percentage increases in the average retail prices of the main food products between mid February 1973 and mid February 1978 were as follows:

Product % increase Product % increase Product % increase
Beef: Bacon: Bread:
Round Steak 94.4 Best back rashers 122.1 White (sliced) 101.7
Sirloin steak 91.4 Streaky rashers 112.9 White (unsliced) 93.0
Sirloin roast 96.3 Ham uncooked 103.7
Rib steak 86.8 Shoulder (whole) 123.7 Flour:
Brisket Corned Beef 137.9 Ham, cooked 107.2 White, plaia 90.0
Sausages, Pork 113.7 White, self-raising 89.9
Mutton : Black pudding 148.4
Leg (whole) 102.0 Cheese:
Loin chops 100.5 Fresh Vegetables: Processed 189.8
Cutlets (rib chops) 95.4 Tomatoes 71.0 Natural 215.5
Gigot chops 98.2 Onions 13.3 Eggs standard 104.7
Neck 105.1 Carrots 45.1 Milk 60.0
Liver 95.1 Cabbage (Med. size) 74.0 Butter (creamery) 92.8
Potatoes (Price decrease) —9.1 Sugar 160.7
Leg (whole) 112.2
Loin chops 114.6
Shoulder (whole) 118.3
Steak 121.5

[247] During the same period the overall percentage increase in farm support prices due to alignment of Irish prices to Community prices, annual Community price increases and Green £ adjustments was 186 per cent.

It is not possible in respect of each of the food items listed above to state the proportion of the increase accounted for by changes in farm support prices. The latter would affect mainly the prices of beef, pigmeat, bread and cereal products, milk and dairy products and sugar.

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