Browne, Seán

Wednesday, 7 June 1978

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 307 No. 4

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Finance Bill, 1978: Committee Stage .

: We have had a lot of discussion and repetition on the amendment.More Button

: Is amendment No. 2 withdrawn? I must put the amendment soon.More Button

: Am I to put the amendment? We are having a great deal of repetition and Deputy Barry is aware of it.More Button

: The Chair will not curtail the debate but the Chair is interested in the fact that there is a lot of repetition and it is the Chair's job to see this is avoided.More Button

: Allegations should not be made in the House.More Button

: Am I to put the amendment?More Button

: About ministerial friends and about something being done in respect of ministerial friends. The Chair regards that as an allegation. I said allegations should not be made, and Deputy Barry would a...More Button

: The Deputy has made that statement four times since I came into the House.More Button

: The Chair has no power over Ministers here. They are doing their business and it is not up to the Chair to direct them to do one thing or another.More Button

: We have got rid of the amendment and we discussed that for over an hour on the amendment.More Button

: The Deputy is entitled to discuss any matter relevant to the section but we cannot go back to discuss the amendment all over again.More Button

: I have already said that the Deputy is entitled to raise any matter which is relevant to the section.More Button

: I am not objecting. I said that we were getting back to the amendment, which was discussed for over an hour.More Button

: I have said to Deputy Cluskey that this is complete repetition. For the best part of an hour we discussed on the amendment this question of an informal agreement and we cannot discuss it all over a...More Button

: We discussed it, Deputy Horgan, certainly while I was in the chair for half an hour.More Button

: I want to make it clear that the Chair will not curtail the debate in any way but the Chair has a responsibility to see that there is no repetition.More Button

: The Deputy should allow the Minister to reply.More Button

: The Deputy has repeated his question about four times in the past 15 minutes and the Chair cannot allow this kind of repetition.More Button

: The Chair is not responsible for the answers given. The question cannot be repeated time and again.More Button

: And a repetitious nature.More Button

: The Chair is not responsible for the Minister's answers. However, it is the the responsibility of the Chair to prevent repetition.More Button

: The Chair must put the question. Section 1 has gone on since half past ten, almost three hours, and we have heard nothing but repetition. I am asking Deputies to let me put the section.More Button

: If there is repetition there is only one person to blame, namely, the Chair for allowing it. The Chair has no responsibility for ministerial replies but he must deal with repetition.More Button

: Please, only one speaker at a time, and relevant. I will not allow any more repetition. If there is something new, well and good, but I will not listen to all the same things being said over and o...More Button

: That has come up about 40 times already. I am not responsible for ministerial answers.More Button

: I am putting the question.More Button

: The Chair has no responsibility for that. This has been repeated time and time again.More Button

Finance Bill, 1978: Committee Stage (Resumed) .

: We must dispose of the amendment first. There are two amendments to the section that must be disposed of and we may then discuss the section.More Button

: The Deputy is entitled to do that so long as he stays on the amendment.More Button

: It would be much better if the Deputy waited and debated this matter on the section. The amendment is a very limited amendment. It is that the provisions of the section will apply in 1978-79. We ...More Button

: All we are on at the moment is amendment No. 3.More Button

: Deputy Barry is in possession.More Button

: Is the amendment withdrawn?More Button

: Is section 2 agreed?More Button

: I think the Chair will be forgiven for expressing a wish to get away from section 2. We are getting back to a Second Stage debate. We had this almost agreed about an hour ago. Deputy Bruton wishes...More Button

Agricultural Produce (Meat) (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 1978: Committee Stage .

: That is really a matter for the Second Stage.More Button

: Is section 5 agreed?More Button

: The Deputy is going outside the question before us in this Bill.More Button

: In section 6 we are dealing with fees payable for exporters' licences.More Button

: We have not reached section 7 yet.More Button

: Amendments No. 4 and 5 have been ruled out of order. Sections 9 and 10, inclusive, agreed to. SCHEDULE. Question proposed: “That the Schedule be the Schedule to the Bill.”More Button

: I take it that the Deputies would like to finish this Stage of the Bill before 8.30 p.m.More Button

: It can be looked at on Report Stage. Question put and agreed to. Title agreed to. Bill reported with amendment.More Button

: When is it proposed to take Report Stage?More Button

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