Browne, Seán

Wednesday, 30 May 1979

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 314 No. 11

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Garda Síochána Bill, 1979: Second Stage.

The Deputy will forgive the Chair for intervening. The Chair is in a rather difficult position and I appeal to Deputies to ensure that they do not infringe on cases which are already before the courts...More Button

I understand this has always been the ruling of the Chair, that any matter before any court cannot be discussed.More Button

The Chair assures the Deputy that to the extent that the Minister has referred to matters in his speech, the Chair will not curtail any other Member speaking here. However, the debate on this matter m...More Button

The Deputy is getting into a matter which is sub judice. We should not get into that field.More Button

I would ask the Deputy to leave it at that. I have given the Deputy an opportunity of paying his tribute. If the Deputy goes ahead and pays his tribute some other Deputy might want to come in to att...More Button

I would ask the Deputy to come to the Bill. We are now getting into the field that must be sub judice. We are getting involved in matters that are really before the courts at present. The Chair mus...More Button

The Chair is concerned that we keep to the rules of the House and that anything which is sub judice, properly before the courts, will not be debated here.More Button

Deputy Kelly should not come in on this matter. The Chair has a very difficult task with the Bill before us and matters that are before the courts. The Chair is trying to keep the House in order.More Button

I was in the Chair for most of the Minister's speech. I am not invisible. Deputy Harte to continue on the Bill.More Button

The Chair has already ruled that these are matters that are before the courts and Deputy Harte should not continue along those lines.More Button

As a legal man Deputy O'Keeffe should know what is in order on this debate. The Chair has ruled that the matters now being discussed are sub judice.More Button

The Chair understands the difficulties involved and is trying to keep the debate reasonably within the rules of order. The rules of the House state that any matter that could be or would be or might ...More Button

Again the Chair must say that the case before the High Court could involve any of these matters. I ask the Deputy not to proceed on those lines. He is discussing the merits or demerits of a case. T...More Button

It is not so much patience, it is trying to keep the debate within what is allowable under the rules of the House.More Button

The Deputy is now getting into possible reasons which might be matters for the High Court.More Button

I am not denying the Deputy the right to speak as long as he wishes, but we are trying to get away from matters which might be involved in the High Court case which still has to be heard.More Button

The Chair wants to make its decision very clear on this. The Chair does not wish to deny anybody the right to his or her say in the House but there are rules of long-standing concerning cases before ...More Button

Garda Síochána Bill 1979: Second Stage (Resumed).

Deputy Fitzpatrick is in possession. Let Deputy Kelly not get rowdy at this stage.More Button

The Deputy should not proceed on those lines. He is getting into matters which are before the courts and he is aware of that.More Button

Deputy Fitzpatrick should get away from matters that are likely to arise in the courts.More Button

There is nothing in the Bill about ground rents.More Button

We are not discussing that document now.More Button

The Deputy should be allowed to continue without interruption. We cannot go into the reasons because they are matters which are before the courts.More Button

There are a lot of things Deputies are anxious to say but they cannot do so and I have pointed that out.More Button

Matters in Connacht-Ulster do not enter into this discussion.More Button

The election next week can be fought outside the House.More Button

Deputy Fitzpatrick is in possession and everybody else should keep silent. The only person with a right to interrupt him is the Chair.More Button

Senator Cooney is not in the discussion.More Button

The Deputy appears to be debating something with the Chair. The Chair suggests that the Deputy take this matter to the Committee of Procedure and Privileges. It is a rule that is as old as the Hous...More Button

The Chair has already ruled against giving reasons. These are matters for the court. The Deputy has made his case about what is sub judice and what is not. What the Chair is dealing with is the prac...More Button

The Minister is in possession.More Button

Deputy L'Estrange is making allegations that should not be made.More Button

The Deputy should withdraw the allegation.More Button

The Deputy will leave the House.More Button

The Deputy will leave the House.More Button

For making allegations. I have asked the Deputy to withdraw the charge.More Button

The Deputy will leave the House.More Button

The Deputy should obey the Chair.More Button

The Chair is in possession and I am asking Deputy L'Estrange to leave the House.More Button

The House is adjourned until 6 p.m. Debate adjourned. Business suspended at 5.25 p.m. and resumed at 6 p.m.More Button

Private Members' Business. - Confidence in Government: Motion (Resumed).

Deputies, please. The Minister has only very limited time.More Button

The Minister is entitled to pose questions but no other Deputy is entitled to answer them at this stage.More Button

The Minister without interruption, please. (Interruptions.)More Button

The Minister has limited time and should not be interrupted.More Button

We can have no betting in the House.More Button

The Minister without interruption. The Chair would like a few tenners at present, but I think we should get away from them.More Button

The Minister should make his own speech without any help from Deputy Ryan.More Button

He should not. The Minister should make his own speech, please.More Button

If Deputy Ryan would allow the Minister make his own speech, we would get on much better.More Button

The Minister has only a few minutes. He should be allowed to speak without interruptions.More Button

I hope it is not a betting shop tonight.More Button

Deputy Bermingham is in possession.More Button

Deputy Bermingham is still in possession.More Button

Deputy Bermingham, through the Chair please, and no interruptions.More Button

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