Collins, Edward

Wednesday, 12 November 1980

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 324 No. 2

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Agricultural Scholarships.

asked the Minister for Agriculture if he is aware that children of farmers, who formerly resided in County Waterford, now residing in the Borough of Waterford, are not eligible for scholarships to agr...More Button

asked the Minister for Agriculture if he is aware that the agricultural scholarship schemes as administered by the county committees of agriculture discriminate against the children of people who live...More Button

Does the Minister agree that children of parents who live in an urban area are just as much entitled to a scholarship to an agricultural college as children of parents who live in rural areas? Does t...More Button

Question No. 24 is of a general nature.More Button

Does the Minister agree that under the scheme children of parents living in urban areas who wish to avail of such scholarships are deprived of doing so by virtue of their residence? Does the Minister ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Access to Homes and Institution.

Is the Minister not aware that the composition of the visiting committees is not very important. They are members of the health committees, or the health authorities, or the health boards, who go aro...More Button

Thomond College of Education, Limerick, Bill, 1980: Committee Stage.

I should like to take up the question of degree level courses and to have added the words “diploma level courses and certificate level courses”. At some future time the college may wish to establish ...More Button

It is an omission. I can take it up at a later stage if the Chair wishes.More Button

Has the Minister resolved the question of the spelling of “Thuamhumhan” or “Thomond”?More Button

Then far be it from me to differ with the Minister on this——More Button

The Minister and the college might like to be in agreement on the subject and perhaps he could sort out the problem amicably with the college.More Button

Just to clarify a point, why is there a need to be a member of the college? Why is there a need to define membership of the college?More Button

On the question of the omission of references to certificate level courses and to diploma level courses, it would be wise to allow the college to be empowered to have certificate level courses. There...More Button

I am not terribly happy with the Minister's reply. Section 4 (b) refers to providing courses for teachers already serving in such schools and institutions as may be determined by, in this case, the M...More Button

The Minister is aware that there are posts of responsibility in our schools and it may very well be an extra qualification for teachers to accumulate, if they can get a certificate for special areas w...More Button

On a point of clarification, lines 41 and 42 of the Bill, paragraph (b) are mentioned. Lines 41 and 42 refer to paragraph (f) in my copy of the Bill.More Button

I sympathise with the views expressed by Deputy Horgan. We discussed the composition of Dublin NIHE and Limerick NIHE ad nauseam and we all agreed that any formula would not be acceptable to each one...More Button

I would not like it to be the Minister's intention to appoint a member. I hope the appointment comes independently from the university sector. The Minister should clarify that situation. Unfortunatel...More Button

It is a new paragraph (f).More Button

Why is there a need in subsection (5) to refer to the staff of the college when the staff is catered for in subsection (4) (b) and (c)?More Button

I do not like the concept of the approval of the Minister. It should read: “The Governing Body shall, under such conditions as may be prescribed by the Minister” appoint a director. I would rather i...More Button

I am not making a personal reference to the Minister, I am thinking of some future Minister. Question put and agreed to. SECTION 8.More Button

Why is the word “generally” put in after “student”? It would be preferable to make it “general regulations” for the Governing Body.More Button

It would be preferable to say that general recommendations would be made.More Button

I am sure the draftsman is aware that he should not finish the sentence with an adverb.More Button

In fact “academic board” had long changed in the NIHE. Amendment agreed to. Section, as amended, agreed to. Sections 9 to 11 inclusive, agreed to. SECTION 12. Question proposed: “That section 12 stand...More Button

I still feel that the Minister determines the levels of these, not the governing body.More Button

Referring to Article 2, for what period does the chairman of the governing body hold office? It may be specified earlier in the Bill. I am not sure.More Button

Yes, but you could appoint someone aged 35 and he might be there until he is aged 70 without the period having been specified on appointment.More Button

Not exceeding five years. What about reappointment?More Button

It would or would not?More Button

Article 4. (1) states quite clearly that a member of the governing body including the chairman shall hold office for a period not exceeding five years. It seems to indicate that you can hold office f...More Button

Would the Minister not think it advisable from a legal point of view to have some phrase such as “and shall be eligible for reappointment for a maximum of five years” rather than have it open to misi...More Button

The opposite side of that coin is that he can be reappointed ad nauseam which also is not desirable. The person should have the possibility of serving two terms but perhaps no more, unless there was ...More Button

Will the Minister have a look at it for Report Stage? I think I have made a fair point.More Button

We have already discussed under the NIHE Bill the question of a person being nominated to the Upper House or elected to this House or appointed to the Parliament of the European Communities. I think ...More Button

Reference is made in Article 14 (b) to admissions and exclusions of students. Can I take it that the governing body have absolute power in relation to the exclusion of students or can they only act o...More Button

I am not in favour of the director presiding at all meetings of the academic council who, in their wisdom, should appoint their own chairman. I am reiterating a point I made earlier.More Button

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