Barry, Peter

Wednesday, 8 July 1981

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 329 No. 3

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Ceisteanna — Questions Oral Answers. - Status of Senator.

I will always be glad to accept the advice of Senator Alexis FitzGerald.More Button

Chair.More Button

Is the Deputy now the Ceann Comhairle?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions Oral Answers. - Ministers' Responsibilities.

That is not the way I would describe him. (Interruptions.)More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions Oral Answers. - Cost of Schemes.

With the permission of the Ceann Comhairle, I propose to take Questions Nos. 6 to 11, inclusive, together. The Coalition Government's policy document published on 29 June, 1981, contained an outline...More Button

The Deputy is correct in saying that we listed costings for these various measures except the one dealing with the new mortgage scheme for house purchasers because it is impossible to assess, until we...More Button

We are having them checked out at present to see if they are accurate. To the best of our knowledge they are, but obviously a party in opposition does not have the full facts. If the Deputy puts dow...More Button

The Deputy will find that laid out very clearly in a document published long before we published our programme for the election. We published this document last November. It stated clearly that we h...More Button

I would not. The cost cannot be assessed until we see how many applicants we have and how much funds are attracted to the agency.More Button

Obviously the Deputy has not read the document. There will be no cost to the Exchequer as far as setting up the agency is concerned. He should have read the document before he came in.More Button

I am only too well aware of the shortage of funds in my Department.More Button

No, not yet. The Department of Energy say they would like to have a say in the detailing of grants available for energy conservation.More Button

The last Government had a costing in the Book of Estimates of £19 million for home improvement grants which they discontinued. This money will be available next year if we make no change in the Estim...More Button

I do not see why it should. It is an attractive scheme which is long overdue. There are many single elderly people living in accommodation which is far too big for them. They own it but cannot affo...More Button

The Deputy can suggest it, but I do not accept it.More Button

The administrative arrangements for the new reliefs are at present being examined and a decision about them will be announced as soon as possible. The net amount of rates payable on land in respect o...More Button

The Department of Agriculture are examining these matters to see exactly how the scheme will operate and the plans which would be acceptable and measurable by ACOT over the five-year period. It appli...More Button

Deputy Wilson is obviously very ignorant of what he is talking about.More Button

The Deputy is displaying his ignorance. As an ex-member of the Government he is displaying terrible ignorance.More Button

No, not necessarily.More Button

Full-time farmers——More Button

I do not mind answering the question but the Deputy should wait for the answer before he begins to ask a second supplementary question. This scheme will apply to full-time farmers who submit and have...More Button

Deputies who were over here for four years are very anxious to contribute now. They were not a bit anxious to do so when they were over here. Those who can show that they will continue to operate the...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions Oral Answers. - County Galway Group Water Schemes.

Road restoration charges in each county are a matter for decision by the county council as a roads authority. I am aware that Galway County Council did propose to charge £2 per metre for road restora...More Button

I agree with the Deputy about the value of group water schemes. The practice as to how much is charged and what the county council do in regard to the restoration of roads varies from county to county...More Button

I am aware that this was in the mind of Galway County Council because, like all local authorities, they are caught tightly for money now. As I said—perhaps Deputy Donnellan did not hear me—Galway Co...More Button

Not off the top of my head. I will have that examined.More Button

I am not sure — sometime last month I think. It has been abolished anyway.More Button

That is a separate question.More Button

If the Deputy puts down a question I will answer it. I have no notice of this.More Button

I do not want to come between the Galway Deputies.More Button

I have said three or four times that the £2 no longer applies. Did Deputies not hear that?More Button

Some time in the last month. I am not sure whom Deputy Burke informed. I notice that he stayed very quiet in this, but Deputy Geoghegan-Quinn certainly was informed about the thing. (Interruptions.)More Button

She may not have informed Deputy Killilea or Deputy Molloy.More Button

No, Deputy Power asked me if I would convey my views to the local authorities and say that the Department would pick up the cost of road restoration. I said that certainly I would convey my views bec...More Button

You are not listening.More Button

You are not really listening at all. I answered the specific question put down to me. Deputy Power enlarged that to embrace all local authorities whose primary function it is to— (Interruptions.)More Button

May I finish, a Cheann Comhairle? These people who have been very anxious to ask questions were very slow to answer them when they were over here.More Button

It varies from county to county. Some counties do pay the total cost of road restoration, others do not. I instanced an example of that, Galway County Council, who endeavoured to impose a charge of ...More Button

The Deputy did not listen.More Button

I answered that and said that full particulars of charges by local authorities for road restoration in relation to group schemes are not available in my Department. That was the first thing I said he...More Button

Only Deputy Geoghegan-Quinn. (Interruptions.)More Button

I will repeat for the fourth time, the £2 per metre proposed to be charged by Galway County Council is not now in operation. That is the fourth time I have said that.More Button

It was.More Button

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