Flanagan, Oliver J.

Tuesday, 9 March 1982

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 333 No. 1

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Election of Ceann Comhairle.

As the longest-serving Deputy and by no means the oldest — I say this for the information of the media — I extend to you the warm, sincere and customary good wishes of the long-serving Members and the...More Button

Appointment of Taoiseach and Nomination of Members of Government.

I have seen many Governments come and go and I cannot allow this opportunity to pass without making a comment. This is the only occasion Parliament will get of dealing with every aspect of the appoin...More Button

I, too, was a victim of vilification by the media after the Locke's Tribunal in 1948. I was the victim of media vilification on my appointment by Mr. Cosgrave as Minister for Defence. I survived it, ...More Button

We have to go out to look for the votes of the people. Members of the Government have to look for their votes. While it may be right to publish the truth about persons, if that is malicious and is d...More Button

Of course, if the people concerned do not know what morals are we cannot expect much from them.More Button

The country needs energetic leadership. Sitting at home during the election compaign I listened attentively to the television debate between Deputies FitzGerald and Haughey and I was alarmed and asto...More Button

The entire economy depends on agriculture and on the efforts of the farmers. We have been hearing about rising unemployment. The figures are alarming to every public representative. The economy is i...More Button

I will be listening with interest to the speech of Deputy Sherlock. I am sure he will have a contribution to make. One of the reasons why we have such high unemployment, particularly in Dublin, is b...More Button

Thank you very much. At least one Deputy is expressing appreciation. If a Deputy desires to have his correspondence dealt with by the permanent civil servant of a Department, I beg the Ministers to ...More Button

If the present Government's Ministers can do without advisers, would the Taoiseach please ask them to do without them? A change of Government means more than changing cars, or the passengers in the ca...More Button

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