Fitzgerald, Garrett

Wednesday, 24 March 1982

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 333 No. 3

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Taoiseach's US Visit.

asked the Taoiseach if he will make a statement on his discussions with President Reagan.More Button

asked the Taoiseach if he will make a statement on his discussions with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.More Button

I should like, at the outset, to say, on behalf of my party, that we were glad that the Taoiseach, despite all the pressures on him in the immediate aftermath of his election to this office, decided t...More Button

With regard to events in Washington I want to say at the outset how delighted I am that President Reagan in his statement and the Friends of Ireland in their's condemned violence in the North and spec...More Button

I am grateful to you for permitting me to make a statement, as agreed with you beforehand.More Button

I do not propose to be silenced by the Taoiseach's manoeuvre. I had discussed the position with you beforehand and the question of whether a statement would be made now or later. It was on the basis o...More Button

A Ceann Comhairle, I clarified with you beforehand before deciding whether or not to postpone the question that if the question were allowed and a statement made you would allow me to make a statement...More Button

The question I put to you was if the Taoiseach made a statement in reply to the question could I make a statement and you said you would allow me to do so. There was no ambiguity about it. I then sa...More Button

The question was not as you have stated; it was to ask the Taoiseach if he would make a statement and that required an answer yes or no. It then transpired that the Taoiseach was contemplating making...More Button

If we have the Taoiseach's assurance that he will make a statement tomorrow morning, I am prepared to waive my right now.——More Button

No.More Button

As long as the position is that the agreement to make a statement will be vindicated tomorrow morning, that is all right. However, I could not now stop on the basis that the Taoiseach will consider d...More Button

I came to you and suggested that if there was any question of the Taoiseach having misinterpreted this question and having decided to answer it by making a statement, I would withdraw the question. T...More Button

I got a reply to my satisfaction when you said, “I will allow you to make a statement if the Taoiseach makes a statement in reply to the question”. I accepted that and said, “Right, I will not withdra...More Button

Can I now withdraw the question retrospectively? You led me to believe that if the question were answered by way of statement I could make a statement in reply. That is clear to me. On that basis I...More Button

What am I to accept? The Taoiseach said he will consider making a statement. In that event, if I withdraw my question and if the Taoiseach does not make such a statement, I will have been precluded ...More Button

We are waiting for a reply by the Taoiseach to Deputy Fitzpatrick's question.More Button

I wish to put on the record of the House that the misunderstanding that occurred between us was due solely to goodwill on your part in trying to be helpful. I hope nothing I have said suggests the co...More Button

That is an improper remark. I came to the Chair on the matter. I asked for guidance and suggested I would withdraw my question if there was any possibility of it being misinterpreted. Following that ...More Button

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