Brady, Gerard

Thursday, 6 May 1982

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 334 No. 3

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Financial Resolutions, 1982. - Financial Resolution No. 6: General (Resumed).

Dublin South East): I am very pleased to have the opportunity, as Minister of State at the Department of the Environment with special responsibility for matters relating to urban renewal, to elaborate...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I appreciate the Deputy's point of view. This is one of the great problems with regard to urban renewal. Much of it is subject to personal appreciation. The information coming t...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I appreciate what the Deputy has said.More Button

(Dublin South-East): I am contrasting these buildings with some of the very ugly buildings that do not blend in with Dublin. I should like to take this opportunity to welcome any positive suggestions...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I am delighted the Deputy is present this morning because obviously he appreciates many of the problems of the inner city. I am going to visit Cork next week. At a recent deputat...More Button

(Dublin South-East): A lot of work can be done in this area. If private enterprise, in conjunction with the local authorities, is encouraged to work in this direction an immense amount of work can be...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I take the Deputy's point, but I shall look into the future rather than at mistakes made in the past. I have in my discourse acknowledged mistakes that have been made in the past...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I hope to avail of that opportunity, in close co-operation with all Deputies and with all councillors in the country who hopefully will come forward with constructive ideas and pl...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I beg the Deputy's pardon, I appreciate ——More Button

(Dublin South-East): I welcome Deputy Kelly's contribution but, for the record, I should point out that he is quite wrong: there is no city archaeologist and there never has been one. Perhaps he is t...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I do not mind Deputy Kelly interrupting but he never gives me an opportunity of answering, and I would welcome that opportunity.More Button

(Dublin South-East): The situation is that, as the law stands at present, one could go out with one's dustbin and dump it in Grafton Street. Deputy Kelly is well aware of the law and how the courts ar...More Button

(Dublin South-East): In the new litter Bill I am also introducing amendments to counteract this problem of graffiti, litter and flyposting. On the question of law enforcement, I think £500 is a hefty...More Button

(Dublin South-East): I regret that I did not hear what Deputy Kelly said.More Button

(Dublin South-East): I feel that Deputy Kelly does his best to make constructive contributions at all times.More Button

(Dublin South-East): Yes, I am concluding now. Measures such as traffic rerouting, improved parking facilities, pedestrianisation have a beneficial effect and help to revitalise city life. Special b...More Button

(Dublin South-East): That is correct.More Button

(Dublin South-East): That is not progressive thinking.More Button

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