Fitzgerald, Garrett

Wednesday, 2 June 1982

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 335 No. 4

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Order of Business.

There have been discussions between the Leaders of the parties on this and we are awaiting a response from the Taoiseach on one or two outstanding matters. I would ask the Tánaiste to urge the Taoise...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin West By-election Commitments.

The Minister said that everything was done in accordance with careful preparation and all the rules. Could he explain how he puts his letter with regard to the alleged community school in Esker into ...More Button

We are concerned about the probity of the democratic process. The Minister went without authority into an area to promise something, knowing that that was contrary to what the Government had decided a...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Planning Permission.

Perhaps the Minister would develop further the thinking in that part of his reply where he said that, as a planning authority have power to contravene materially their own development plans, it would ...More Button

I appreciate that the actions of An Bord Pleanála are within the present law but the Minister was good enough to read out the very stringent conditions that apply to variations from development plans...More Button

I am grateful to the Minister.More Button

Will the Minister agree to make a statement to the House when the examination is completed, whatever the outcome will be?More Button

Did I understand the Minister to say that the Pine Valley case was a decision by the Supreme Court with which the Government were not satisfied and would seek to overturn by a legal process in the Sup...More Button

That is what I thought the Minister of State said, but it is a most extraordinary statement to make in the House. The Supreme Court decided a constitutional issue and I understood that it was the end...More Button

If the Minister objects to the decision which the Supreme Court have made because there were only three judges and not five and he is going to ask them to review it, what does that mean except to ask ...More Button

Is it proposed to go to the Supreme Court and ask them to review something but not to change it? Why should we waste the State's money doing that? Either the Minister of State proposes to change it o...More Button

This is restraining civil servants.More Button

The Minister of State has said clearly that his Department propose to ask the Supreme Court to review their decision. He says that is a clear statement. It is clear to me that it means to ask them t...More Button

What does the Minister of State mean by “review”?More Button

Is it proposed to appeal the Pine Valley case on another case and to get the Supreme Court to overrule themselves?More Button

I will pursue it further.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Unfinished Housing Estates.

You must not exaggerate. The number is 810.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Amendment of Local Government Act.

It has always been held appropriate to ask a supplementary question arising from the Minister's answer and that is what is being done in this case.More Button

I am putting it to you as a point of order that in ruling out a supplementary question because it relates to the Minister's reply you may be acting not in accordance with precedents of the House.More Button

That is not in accordance with precedents of the House and it is a matter we will have to take further. Supplementary questions have consistently and for decades related to the Ministers' replies and ...More Button

If the Minister's reply does not refer to matters material it should be ruled out of order. Once you allow him to make the reply it is by definition in order and supplementaries are by definition in ...More Button

The Minister's answer was in reply to a question about amendments to the Act. My understanding was that everything he said related to the Act. I do not understand the grounds for ruling it out of ord...More Button

Would it be out of order for me to compliment the Minister of State on the courtesy of his replies?More Button

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