Collins, Edward

Tuesday, 8 March 1983

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 340 No. 10

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Private Members' Business. - Petrol and Oil Prices.

: I move amendment No. 1: To delete all words after “Dáil Éireann” and substitute the following: notes the downward trend in world oil prices and approves the Government's intention to absorb some of ...More Button

If the Opposition were in Government they would have had to introduce a much harsher budget than we did.More Button

It is well known who are in Government and who are in Opposition. I understand that these increases are causing frustration but it is too simplistic to condemn tax increases because they affect people...More Button

I take it the Deputy is spokesman for his party.More Button

I should like to remind the ex-Minister that in 1981 his party put 15 pence, including VAT, on a gallon of petrol. Maybe he does not want to recall that either and thinks that these things disappear ...More Button

In 1982 Fianna Fáil put a further 8 pence on a gallon of petrol and that should not be forgotten as it also hit the motorist. In 1980 Fianna Fáil put 20 pence on a gallon of road diesel. Does Deputy...More Button

In 1982 Fianna Fáil put another 8 pence on a gallon of road diesel. I do not think these taxation measures should be forgotten. From 1977 to 1981, Fianna Fáil succeeded in running this country into t...More Button

Fianna Fáil succeeded in causing very serious budgetary problems. We are responsible for addressing ourselves to these problems. Fianna Fáil had their opportunity in recent years to be responsible an...More Button

All the Members of this House will recall the trend of Government under Fianna Fáil.More Button

The price of crude oil has jumped dramatically over the past decade. In 1973 it was around $2 per barrel. It then jumped to around $11 per barrel. That caused the first energy crisis and created se...More Button

It is difficult to continue with the interruptions from the Opposition. For some reason or other Opposition Deputies do not like being reminded of the history in regard to this matter.More Button

That is what is wrong with the Opposition.More Button

I am trying to address myself to the problem.More Button

For the information of Deputies opposite I should like to state that I am reading from notes. I do not have to refer to the notes and I will not do so if that will please the Deputies opposite. I do...More Button

As the Deputy has raised that matter I will deal with it now. It is a fact that we have an IEA obligation to hold 90 days' stock of oil products here but that has not been the case. There is a need w...More Button

Deputy Connolly has been interrupting me all evening for reasons unknown to me. I am trying to be helpful to the House.More Button

I hope that the oil distributing companies will get their act together. In passing I must express serious disappointment and concern at a number of minor companies in the oil distribution field in Ir...More Button

——I wish to address myself briefly to the amendment put down by The Workers' Party which could only be described as a far-reaching proposal which the Government could not support at this time. The am...More Button

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