Woods, Michael J.

Wednesday, 23 March 1983

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 341 No. 4

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Supplementary Estimates, 1983 . - Social Welfare Bill, 1983: Committee Stage .

: As pensioners have to pay their weekly expenses and rents come under that heading, surely this must apply here?More Button

: I doubt the value of rising to speak on this section having listened to the Minister. He is a fairly hopeless case because he has been totally brainwashed either by the Minister for Finance, the Go...More Button

Social Welfare Bill, 1983: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Final Stages .

: We have tried to be as brief as possible. If one looks at the time taken one will find our contributions have been very much to the point. The Minister of State has decried The Way Forward and sai...More Button

: In addition to the increase from £9,500 to £13,000 a worker must pay 1 per cent extra which will be collected in conjunction with PRSI. The Minister should tell the House if that is the case. It w...More Button

: Not the 1 per cent. The Minister should not try to confuse people.More Button

: It is to be collected with it.More Button

: I have no difficulty and unless the Minister wishes to protract the discussion——More Button

: I am quite happy to be argumentative on an issue as important as this.More Button

: This is the kernel of the matter and I am glad it has been brought out so clearly. I listened to the Minister on the radio at 1.30 p.m. misleading people about what will happen. He should not try ...More Button

: Not here, please. The Minister may cod people outside the House.More Button

: It gets very difficult as the day wears on to listen to that type of approach.More Button

: It is a very important issue to the PRSI contributor, the principal contributor to the funds the Minister is using.More Button

: I have made the position fairly clear and the wage earner will discover the position in due course.More Button

: Will all the other benefits be calculated at sixths? Can the Minister say what the cost will be of calculating them at fifths?More Button

: Perhaps the Minister's officials might have some indication of the figure.More Button

: I am only slightly surprised. I understood the other side would be about £1½ million. Obviously it is more expensive than anticipated. I just wanted to have the point clarified.More Button

: As our spokesman said, we support the general measure, but on the specifics would the Minister say what the effect of giving the 25 per cent would be on the two days reduced from three? The Governme...More Button

: In my view the Minister is under a very serious misapprehension about the Social Insurance Fund. One of the basic reasons for setting up this fund was to provide for sickness. The mistake the Mini...More Button

: On a point of order, that is the next section. The Minister has given us a lot of figures on the next section and they could be useful because they are relevant to it but what we are talking about ...More Button

: Would the Minister deal with the section and not be wandering over all the other sections in an effort to distract people from what we are talking about here, namely, extending the waiting period to...More Button

: People who are unemployed must have an opportunity to look for work first. It is ridiculous that we should have to sit here and listen to this.More Button

: The Minister is now proposing to rob the sick to pay long-term unemployment benefit.More Button

: Mrs. Thatcher would take on the Minister any time. Question put. The Dáil divided: Tá, 81; Níl, 74. TáMore Button

: The Minister is taking an extra £9.5 million by cutting down to 25 per cent. It is substantial. Question put. The Dáil divided: Tá, 81; Níl, 74. TáMore Button

Written Answers . - Ground Rents Purchase Scheme .

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state in relation to each of the five years since its introduction, the number of people who availed themselves of the ground rents purchase scheme under the ...More Button

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