O'Hanlon, Rory

Wednesday, 23 March 1983

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 341 No. 4

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Supplementary Estimates, 1983 . - Social Welfare Bill, 1983: Committee Stage .

: I had a letter from you this morning marked “Urgent”. A number of amendments in my name were adjudged out of order. While I understand that some could be ruled out of order under Standing Order 11...More Button

: I contend that amendments 1 to 5 do not put an increased charge on the Exchequer because, in effect, the Government have increased the social welfare benefits by 12 per cent and 10 per cent respect...More Button

: I accept what you say in relation to the increased charge if the 12 per cent or 10 per cent were given from the beginning of April as should have been done in the first place, but if the 9 per cent ...More Button

: No, I did not mention devaluation.More Button

: On a point of clarification, I did not mention devaluation or inflation. I am merely saying that the amount of money allocated should be spread over the whole year rather than over nine months and ...More Button

: In the Bill itself there is no mention of the percentage allocation. It does not appear in the Bill. My amendments can be taken to meet that.More Button

: As you have adjudged our amendments out of order I would oppose section 2 and if I may take section 3 along with it——More Button

: We will oppose section 2. We are not opposing the increase, meagre though it is, but we certainly oppose the size of the increase because we believe that 12 per cent and 10 per cent, or rightly 9 p...More Button

: I have listened attentively to the Minister's response. Nowhere did he admit that the living standards of recipients of social welfare benefits would be reduced as a result of this section. He appe...More Button

: We are opposing this section. Our amendments have been ruled out of order so we have no choice. We are opposing it because the increases are not adequate to meet the rising cost of living and becau...More Button

Social Welfare Bill, 1983: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Final Stages .

: You took medical cards from old age pensioners.More Button

: That was a most extraordinary contribution from the Minister of State. He has tried to justify why the increases to recipients of social welfare should not keep abreast of the cost of living. It i...More Button

: We are opposing this section on the grounds, first, that the Government have decided to impose an extra 1 per cent levy on workers. We contend that the ceiling for contributions should not be incre...More Button

: The 1 per cent levy was not.More Button

: We had a proposal to increase the ceiling to £13,000 but we had no proposal to introduce a 1 per cent levy. We are opposing the raising of the ceiling because of the introduction of the levy which ...More Button

: We accept this section. When the Bill was circulated it was stated that there would not be any Government amendments to it. However we accept this amendment. It is unfortunate that the Minister, ...More Button

: We are opposing this section. In The Way Forward we had a similar proposal to that in this section but for the same reason that we opposed section 4 we are opposing this section. Workers are now be...More Button

: We are opposed to section 8 because this section is particularly penal. It extends the waiting time from 12 to 18 days and, in effect, means that a man or woman who is off work either through unemp...More Button

: Will he receive any PRB? Under this section he will not receive any PRB for the third week.More Button

: I accept the exception that I was not in the Cabinet but, along with my colleagues, I accept full responsibility for their actions. On this particular section the Minister does appear to be vulnera...More Button

: We are opposing section 9. The decision to reduce pay-related benefit from 40 per cent to 25 per cent was never a proposal of ours and was not part of our policy. Taking that in conjunction with t...More Button

: We have only reached section 9. Will there be any opportunity to discuss section 13 which is of tremendous importance to the 14,500 small farmers in the west? It is a matter of great importance th...More Button

: Can we vote on section 13 separately?More Button

: There can be one point of order.More Button

: On a legitimate point of order——More Button

: On a point of order, if there was agreement now between both sides to extend the time for 15 minutes to discuss this would that be acceptable?More Button

Health Contributions Regulations: Motion .

: Before the Minister concludes——More Button

: Have the health boards yet been notified of the method by which the contributions will be collected from the farming community? Is it proposed that the health boards should continue to collect thi...More Button

Written Answers . - Grant Payments .

asked the Minister for the Environment when a £1,000 grant will be paid to a person (details supplied) in County Monaghan.More Button

asked the Minister for the Environment when a mortgage subsidy will be paid to a person (details supplied) in County Monaghan.More Button

asked the Minister for the Environment when a £1,000 grant will be paid to a person (details supplied) in County Monaghan.More Button

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