Shatter, Alan

Wednesday, 27 April 1983

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 341 No. 10

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An Bille um an Ochtú Leasú ar an mBunreacht, 1982: An Coiste . Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1982: Committee Stage .

: On a point of order, it is my understanding that Committee Stage is concerned normally with the technicalities of the wording of the Bill in question.More Button

: On a point of order, could I, through you, suggest in order to have a practical and sensible debate on this issue that Deputy Woods directs his mind to the words of two different amendments rather t...More Button

An Bille um an Ochtú Leasú ar an mBunreacht, 1982: An Coiste (Atógáil) agus na Céimeanna Deiridh . Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1982: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Final Stages .

: There is no similarity between the position here and the position in England. The Deputy knows that what he is saying is nonsense.More Button

: The Deputy should have expressed that view to Deputies Woods and O'Hanlon.More Button

: What questions?More Button

: Like other Members I regard this as a sad situation and a sad debate. On 17 February I spoke at length on this issue and I do not intend to spend as long on the matter now. On that occasion I sou...More Button

: We are still engaging in a dialogue of the deaf. In fact, today's speeches by Deputies opposite do not have anything to do with Committee Stage. Questions have not been put to the Minister and Mem...More Button

: Is he merely putting forward the proposal that the Fianna Fáil wording copperfastens the existing law? If it copperfastens existing law in some way, as Deputy O'Hanlon says, why is it that the Direc...More Button

: Deputy Woods is becoming agitated now because the truth is coming home as to what he and his party are about in this amendment.More Button

: The DPP has expressed grave concern as to the possibility of bringing proceedings under the 1861 Act if this amendment becomes part of the Constitution. Deputy Woods has admitted in this House that...More Button

: It is amazing the way one touches a nerve when some home truths are told to Members of the House opposite. (Interruptions.)More Button

: The great tragedy is that those Members in the Party opposite will not, in the context of an issue that should not be political, in the context of an issue that is a matter of genuine concern to man...More Button

: The Fine Gael wording has a number of advantages about it.More Button

: I welcome Deputy O'Kennedy to this debate. His presence has been more notable by his silence than his contribution to it. (Interruptions.)More Button

: In relation to the Fine Gael wording proposed by the Minister for Justice there are a number of advantages in it that clearly place it in a far superior position in the context of a form of wording ...More Button

: It was a member of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice expressed a similar view as did Mr. Justice Walsh. As the Deputy is aware, comments of this nature by members of the Supreme Court are rega...More Button

: I said on 17 February that there was no justification for the exercise we are involved in. It has been accepted by both parties that there is need for a referendum. In the context of that need the...More Button

: We have also heard it from many people outside the House.More Button

: If the Deputy opened his eyes and ears and listened and thought about some of the things which people on this side have said——More Button

: No matter what form of words comes from the House the campaign which will follow will be divisive. I deeply regret that we are heading into this referendum which is not necessary or justified. If ...More Button

: The majority of people outside the House wish this debate would go away. This debate has done something which no one in the pro-life movement originally envisaged. It has taught people what aborti...More Button

: On a point of order, I should like to draw it to the attention of Deputy Woods that the DPP is an eminent lawyer.More Button

: That is not a point of order.More Button

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