Connaughton, Paul

Wednesday, 29 June 1983

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 344 No. 4

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Farm Modernisation Scheme.

It is intended to introduce a revised system of grant aid under the farm modernisation scheme later in the year with the emphasis on basic livestock housing. It will be open to farmers whose applicat...More Button

As I said yesterday, a condition of the scheme was that written approval had to be received and, as the Minister pointed out today in response to a previous question, certain problems have arisen and ...More Button

They will have to have written approval for the new scheme.More Button

As I have said several times here during the past few weeks, it has been a condition of the scheme always that one had to have prior written approval. That is the only way in which there can be any ...More Button

That is a different question.More Button

It is question that appears further down on the Order Paper.More Button

There is a certain category of farmers who were involved in the farm modernisation scheme and who were perhaps half way through that development.More Button

If they had completed it, they would have had to have written permission beforehand.More Button

Deputy Byrne knows well that it has been a condition always that before this type of work is started on a farm there must be written approval. However, I am considering the situation in which farmers...More Button

As I have said, this is the type of problem that I am looking at closely.More Button

I must reiterate that down through the years it has been a condition of the scheme that before one was entitled to grant aid, written approval had to be received from the farm development service. Th...More Button

Are the Deputies suggesting that grants should be given to people who did not receive written approval?More Button

It is sheer nonsense to talk of farmers being evicted. (Interruptions.)More Button

In cases where the farm development officer called to farms, I am having a close look at the situation and at the allied problems that have arisen as a result of written approval not having been given...More Button

I am looking at the problem.More Button

I am ahead of the Deputy on that, having taken a decision in that regard a couple of weeks ago.More Button

The age has not been changed. I changed the scheme so as to relate it directly to the farm modernisation scheme and to ensure that a farmer who is over 55 but who has a son or daughter on the farm wi...More Button

I would not be so irresponsible as to do so and I am surprised that the Deputy should suggest that the age limit be waived having regard to the whole problem of farm inheritance. I cannot think of any...More Button

That is a very general question.More Button

The new range of grants that will be brought in in the late autumn has to be decided exactly and before that is accepted by the Department I cannot say what that will be. The review is on at the mome...More Button

Farmers who take land on lease for a period of not less than 12 years are eligible for grant aid under the farm modernisation scheme.More Button

Yes. The general intention is that under the new grant structure farmers—perhaps tenants would be a more appropriate term—on a 12-year lease will be eligible.More Button

Yes, but we have to accept that the new legislation will be implemented in the autumn.More Button

It is the 12-year lease and, so far as I can see, a tenant would in fact be eligible for grant aid under the scheme.More Button

Yes. That will be the case under the reconstituted scheme.More Button

It is a condition under the farm modernisation scheme that a project to be grant-aided must form part of a farm plan. As the item in question was not on the farm plan at the time of purchase and in ...More Button

I shall be delighted to carry out an investigation but from the information I have it would appear this man did not actually make application in the normal way.More Button

For the Deputy's information the item in question was purchased on 1 May 1981 and an invoice which was not marked paid—it is important that it should be—was received by the farm development service in...More Button

And I have told the Deputy what I have.More Button

The current examination of the farm modernisation scheme, which is being carried out by the staff concerned in my Department as part of their on-going work is not intended to result in a report for p...More Button

I said and I repeat that all aspects of the farm modernisation scheme are being looked at at the moment.More Button

No.More Button

Not at all, I am in constant touch with them as they are with me on all aspects relating to farming and farming building.More Button

I have been considering this matter and I hope to make an announcement about it shortly.More Button

I sympathise with the Deputy's concern. It is a concern I share. I shall do everything possible on this score. I think tomorrow is the deadline for these works and I should like to point out to the...More Button

I shall give sympathetic consideration to it and I shall do everything I can to facilitate farmers.More Button

No.More Button

Deputies have asked the same question at least ten times so I am giving the answer at least ten times.More Button

At the end of the autumn.More Button

Of course I agree with the Taoiseach. He is the first Taoiseach who said it for a long time.More Button

Of course I agree with the Taoiseach. (Interruptions.)More Button

Of course I agree with him.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Western Drainage Scheme.

The western drainage scheme, which came into operation on 1 January 1979, provided for field drainage of 100,000 hectares. Because of the very large number of applications received, it was extended t...More Button

Applications registered up to 30 September 1981 are the only ones that can be catered for at present. There are a few major problems involved. A survey was carried out in the last few months of 1982 ...More Button

Land drainage is always important. I am keeping the position under review.More Button

The initial application to Brussels for 100,000 hectares was regarded as a good scheme. In 1981 the Coalition had to go back for another 50,000 hectares. That is almost gone now. There is a lot of d...More Button

I will communicate that information to the Deputy.More Button

That would be a dangerous precedent. Part of the Deputy's argument is quite valid. In recent times my Department asked farmers participating in this scheme to dig the main drain. This would indicat...More Button

This was mentioned before. There are many farmers who received grants under this scheme and who now want to do more work. One could argue that these people are more likely to complete the second pha...More Button

I hope there will always be money there for a good cause.More Button

That is a big subject. There is no doubt that it would be beneficial if we could prove conclusively that money spent by the State resulted in extra production on farms. It is difficult to get a combi...More Button

A recent survey has shown that applications received up to 30 September, 1981 can be accommodated within the ceiling of 150,000 hectares provided for in the western drainage scheme but it may not be p...More Button

For obvious reasons, as I said in my previous reply, I have to wait until the scheme is taken up. I could not proceed otherwise to look for further aid. I have the matter under review. I sympathise ...More Button

As the Deputy is aware, there is a long time from the date of approval until the grant is taken up. Therefore there will be sufficient time after the end of the year to negotiate for any extra allocat...More Button

Private Members' Business. - Tuam Sugar Factory: Motion (Resumed).

I am delighted to have the opportunity this evening of contributing to this debate. So far the debate has been conducted in a mild and unemotional way which is what one would expect in the House of P...More Button

As I say, everything humanly possible is being done. All the various factors are being taken into account. I know the depth of feeling that exists because of the natural fear of people losing their...More Button

The Deputy went to America when there was a vote for his party leader. (Interruptions.)More Button

There will always be a welcome for me in Tuam.More Button

Is the Deputy sorry I wrote that?More Button

Rubbish. (Interruptions.)More Button

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