Lenihan Snr., Brian

Wednesday, 29 February 1984

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 348 No. 6

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Issue of Writ: Laoighis-Offaly By-Election.

Just because you cannot get a candidate.More Button

There was a general election imminent then.More Button

That is it.More Button

I am going to plant a man in Birr on top of Deputy Enright. (Interruptions.)More Button

That is the truth of it.More Button

The Deputy is not bad himself.More Button

On a point of order, do we have to listen to this nonsense?More Button

He is certainly a smart aleck. (Interruptions.)More Button

If the Ceann Comhairle misheard me I am not responsible for that. If because of mishearing me he alleges that I said what he has stated I will withdraw it, but the Ceann Comhairle ought to do somethi...More Button

Less of that.More Button

Deputy Shatter is the cause of all this.More Button

The whole case made by Deputy Shatter and earlier on by Deputy Kelly is one against democracy. Of course democracy is inconvenient, of course general elections are inconvenient, by-elections are inco...More Button

I believe that democracy is very important in this respect. It has an educational effect on a two-way basis. It is not just the business of Deputies and potential Deputies going down to the people. ...More Button

There is an important educative element in democracy. Regular recourse to the people for their views improves our understanding of national and local problems. It is important that we should not be ...More Button

——to suggest that there is any comparison between Ireland and the north western European democracies he mentioned such as Denmark, Holland, Norway and so on. They operate a list system in these count...More Button

Yes. At a general election a party list is approved and if a casual vacancy arises the next person on the list, who would be the first unsuccessful candidate at a general election, would fill the vac...More Button

There is no comparison between that system and the one we operate under our legislation. The proportional representation system and the multiple seat system, no matter how we complain about it, is a ...More Button

The party who lost the seat was the Labour Party. It was the late Deputy Bill Davin who lost the seat and his son was put forward. Fine Gael supported his son but we won the seat on that occasion an...More Button

When Fianna Fáil were in Government by-elections were held as quickly as possible. I believe the Government are making a mistake in this regard. If they had any fire in their bellies, any belief in t...More Button

The Government cannot do U-turns in matters of this kind. A short time ago the Taoiseach advocated not holding local elections on the same day as European elections. He said it would take from Euro...More Button

What the Taoiseach said was reinforced in this House the other day on the occasion of Justin Keating's nomination for the casual vacancy in the European Parliament when Deputy Pattison said it would b...More Button

The by-election campaign will be subsumed into a European election campaign, count and result. Deputy Connolly is probably right when he said that the real problem is that Fine Gael have not yet selec...More Button

We have a number of excellent candidates going forward who are all anxious to stand. We will have the best candidate in the field and will win the by-election when we get the chance to do so. The at...More Button

Local Elections (Specification of Local Election Year) Order, 1984: Motion.

They cannot run a parliament and they are looking for reforms.More Button

Private Members' Business. - Inquiry into Placing of Listening Devices: Motion (Resumed).

One matter that has been proved in the debate, and in particular by the contributions of the two Ministers, is that there is a vital need for the adoption of our motion which calls for the establishme...More Button

Information of the kind that was sought to be obtained because of Mr. Séamus Mallon's presence in this House which could only be obtained from a conversation taking place around a table by reason of w...More Button

The Garda Síochána are a force we have stood up for over the years and which we want to protect. They are entitled to protection from interfering politicians like the Taoiseach and the Minister for ...More Button

I want to see established here in particular out of this debate and out of the inquiry we want to secure, the good name of a great police force, that were marvellous in their impartiality and non-invo...More Button

It was held immediately and the Garda were totally exonerated.More Button

The Deputy is insane.More Button

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