Barry, Peter

Wednesday, 9 May 1984

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 350 No. 2

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Nuclear-Free Zone.

The concept of a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone is understood internationally to mean arrangements to be free of nuclear weapons entered into by a group of states in a region. The only Nuclear Weapon-Free ...More Button

As I said in my reply, Ireland is a state party to the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and hence under obligation not to manufacture or acquire nuclear weapons. We have receive...More Button

We have obtained it. We are a sovereign State and we have decided that we will not manufacture or acquire nuclear weapons.More Button

We approached the British Government about this and received an assurance that there is no intention of siting nuclear weapons in the North of Ireland. We accept this assurance.More Button

No, the concept of a nuclear weapon free zone is understood internationally to mean an arrangement to be free of nuclear weapons entered into by a group of states in a region. If that description is ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Council of Europe Resettlement Fund.

The question of Irish participation in the Resettlement Fund of the Council of Europe has been reviewed from time to time. Ireland has not become a member of the fund because of the limited scope for...More Button

We have never contributed to the fund but that does not mean that we will not do so in the future. I believe the fund lent £250 million last year but I do not know the exact size of the fund. I can g...More Button

The fund was originally set up to deal with the relocation of refugees in Europe about 30 years ago. The fund is being investigated at present because it appears to have expanded its role beyond what...More Button

If we join the fund it will be open to us to use the money for housing purpose as part of the fund is intended for resettlement purposes.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Visit of USA President.

I propose taking Questions No. 17 and 18 together. In March 1983 the Taoiseach invited the President of the United Stated to visit Ireland. Earlier this year President Reagan indicated his acceptanc...More Button

I do not think the President's visit should be cancelled and I do not accept as necessarily true the reasons given for the acceptance of the invitation as set out by Deputy De Rossa. Neither do I acc...More Button

I agree, and I do not think it should be addressed to me.More Button

Many people wanted the President to visit many parts of Ireland. We asked him would he consider visiting the part of Donegal which I think the Deputy has in mind. Unfortunately, it was not possible f...More Button

It is not our function to exert pressure on President Reagan. We drew to the attention of the White House a number of areas which we would like him to visit. The final decision on where he went was ...More Button

Yes, we did.More Button

Donegal, as I said.More Button

The visit has been extended. Originally it was to last from the Saturday to the Monday. It has been extended and is now from the Friday to the Monday. The President is going on to Europe immediatel...More Button

I will bear the Deputy's point in mind.More Button

The details are still not finalised, but the locations which he is visiting are finalised.More Button

We could always drop Galway.More Button

That matter is being discussed by the Committee on Procedure and Privileges.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Connacht-Ulster EEC Representative.

I understand that the Commission consider that the EEC office in Dublin is intended to cover the country as a whole, which, as the Deputy will be aware, is treated as one region for the purposes of Co...More Button

No.More Button

There has been some confusion about that. That offer was not open, nor was he appointed. He has been engaged to conduct a study in the Cork region which he will conclude on 30 June.More Button

I do not think that is correct. When I answer other question later on, the Deputy will see that is not correct. The EEC have appointed somebody for that region, but he is based in Dublin. The EEC o...More Button

I do not think the Government can necessarily correct statements issued by MEPs, TDs, or Senators, or any other public representative which they know to be untrue. If that were the case, we would spe...More Button

I would not. I made the very serious point that we should not devalue the benefit of having the whole country treated as a region. We would be inclined to do that if we appointed people in differen...More Button

I do. I do not think there is a contradiction in what I said. The fact that the Economic and Social Committee have pointed out that the Border region needs special attention does not take from the a...More Button

The Deputy is aware of my views, which I have expressed in the House and also conveyed to those I met the people just north of the Border before Christmas. I agree fully with what the Deputy has said...More Button

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