O'Malley, Desmond J.

Wednesday, 9 May 1984

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 350 No. 2

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Natural Gas Supply.

asked the Minister for Energy if he will give an estimate of the cost in each case of a spur pipeline for natural gas to Limerick, Waterford, Clonmel and Kilkenny; and an estimate of the cost of conve...More Button

Am I to take it that the Department do not have any estimates of what these costs are likely to be?More Button

This has been normal practice. Would the Minister not agree to give these estimates particularly as in some cases the figures are quite small?More Button

Could the Minister give an estimate if not of the cost at least of the date on which these pipelines will be built?More Button

Do the Department not have definitive projects?More Button

Would the Minister agree that some time ago each centre submitted full detailed proposals for conversion to natural gas?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Electricity Prices.

asked the Minister for Energy if he has yet received the interim and final reports of the committee established by him in 1983 to inquire into the high cost of electricity here; and when these reports...More Button

Did I not understand the Minister to say in the House some weeks ago in a different context that it was intended to publish these reports in any event? Has there been a change of mind?More Button

Is it now intended to publish both reports when the second is received?More Button

Would the Minister not agree, in view of the considerable national importance of the issue covered in these reports, that they should be published as quickly as possible after they become available?More Button

I take it that we shall see them.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - ESB Peat Supply.

asked the Minister for Energy the quantities of milled and sod peat supplied by Bord na Móna to the ESB in each of the last five years.More Button

What percentage of Bord na Móna's production is represented in these figures of what is sold to the ESB, on average?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Bula Mines Limited.

asked the Minister for Energy if there has been any request for equity injection, loans, guarantees or other financial investment or support by the Government in Bula Mines Limited; and if so, the nat...More Button

asked the Minister for Energy when negotiations taking place between his Department and foreign companies with a view to getting the Bula ore body into production are likely to be completed.More Button

asked the Minister for Energy if the Government have made any payment or given any guarantee in respect of sums due by the directors of a firm (details supplied) to banks.More Button

The Minister does not appear to have answered Question No. 9 with regard to payments or guarantees in respect of sums due by directors of the firm in question.More Button

What does the £665,000 which the Minister of State said yesterday was lent to the company represent?More Button

Whatever decision the Government may have come to in October 1982, when I was not present, having resigned at that stage, no payment was made in 1982 and no payment, according to the Minister of State...More Button

Would the Minister inform the House whether or not the State acquired any further rights when they lent this further £700,000 approximately, on top of the rights which they have under the original ag...More Button

Would the Minister not agree that it seems commercially very foolish for the State to have at the end of 1983 and the beginning of 1984 put substantial further money into this company whose only achie...More Button

Would the Minister not agree that, in view of the very large sums of public money that were put into this company more than seven years ago, it would now be in the public interest if the State, when p...More Button

Avoca Mines produced very substantial amounts of copper. Bula Mines have produced absolutely nothing.More Button

Would the Minister not agree, as I have suggested already, that now that the State has seen fit, whether commercially wise or otherwise, to put more money after bad into this company, the only solutio...More Button

Would the Minister for Energy, who incidentally is leader of the Labour Party——More Button

It may well be incidental to this argument. Does the Minister not think it would be a good idea in all the circumstances for the State to take control?More Button

The Minister is very uncertain——More Button

——about the political philosophy that seems to underline that. I thought I was putting a very attractive proposition to him. Perhaps he does not agree.More Button

Perhaps the Minister will tell us what is in the ICC report that he got in January 1983?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Mineral Exploration.

asked the Minister for Energy if he is aware of the serious reduction in the level of mineral exploration here in the last 12 months; the steps he proposes to take to restore the rate of exploration t...More Button

Is the Minister aware that the decline in mineral exploration in this country far exceeds the decline in other countries and that many of the companies who are pulling out of this country are going to...More Button

Is the Minister aware that there is now only one major company left exploring for minerals in this country? What steps does he intend to take to rectify that situation and to get back to the number o...More Button

Is the Minister aware that the main reason for the rapid decline in exploration in this country in the last couple of years is the fact that companies who are exploring are unaware of the broad outlin...More Button

Does the Minister propose to rectify that situation by bringing certainty where there is uncertainty at the moment?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Soapstone Deposits.

asked the Minister for Energy the proposals there are for the production of the soapstone deposits discovered in recent years near Westport, County Mayo, and on Inishbofin, County Galway.More Button

Is the Minister aware that there is a reasonably substantial usage of this product in this country at present, that it is all imported and that it would be in our national interest as well as in the i...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Radioactive Effluent.

Does the Minister repudiate the statement made in the House yesterday by his Minister of State, Deputy E. Collins, to the effect that Deputies who were expressing concern about this matter were scarem...More Button

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