Kavanagh, Liam

Wednesday, 30 May 1984

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 350 No. 13

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Order of Business.

The legislation is with the Attorney General's Office for preparation. There is no change in any proposals I gave earlier.More Button

Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Land-Based Sources: Motion.

I move: That Dáil Éireann approves of the terms of the Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Land-Based Sources. More Button

The Deputy did not turn up on the day on which I went to Galway.More Button

It was a bright, sunny morning and there were 100 people there. Why was the Deputy missing?More Button

The Deputy did not turn up.More Button

I was there, anyway.More Button

I accept that part of it.More Button

I am glad that the Deputy agrees.More Button

I shall not redesign it.More Button

The Deputy knew that I was there.More Button

He likes it there.More Button

Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Land-Based Sources: Motion (Resumed)

I wish to thank all those Deputies who have contributed to the debate and who have shown such a deep sense of commitment to the issue in question. The debate has been wide ranging. I accept the genuin...More Button

I have just said that water samples are monitored at several points along the east coast.More Button

As I said, regular monitoring details are taken and I shall certainly give the Deputy that additional information if he requests it from me.More Button

I shall be delighted to give it to the Deputy as soon as I can gather the entire information. Then he can react to it.More Button

I did not confirm that it was 100 per cent higher. I accept that it is greater on the east coast than in the Deputy's area. I still give the figure of 1 per cent or less in the Irish Sea.More Button

I have not that precise information.More Button

I would accept that if it is negligible or nil in Galway Bay, then it could be one hundred or one thousand times higher than in the Deputy's area. I am more concerned about the level in the Irish Sea ...More Button

The impression was clearly given that my Department were the Department implementing this whole scheme and imposing it on the people of Galway. I assure the Deputy that is not the case. In 1983 Galw...More Button

I did not approve the scheme. At the request of Deputies from all sides of the House I went to Galway, as I said this morning, and took a look——More Button

The Minister for the Environment approved the scheme.More Button

I said I did not approve it.More Button

The scheme sent by Galway Corporation was approved by the Department of the Environment. I assume that concerned representatives from the area would know what they wanted and would see what the plans...More Button

The Deputy is asking me to assume Galway Corporation's role. I await the plans they send to me for my approval. When they come I will consider the accuracy of them.More Button

Very good. Deputy Allen took the opportunity to present a wide-ranging review of our organisational arrangements for environmental control of the various programmes operating in this area. The time ...More Button

I am giving the view of the Eastern Health Board and those who have scientific knowledge of this matter. I cannot say whether a child would get a rash from walking in a garden or anything else. We ha...More Button

The Deputy would be rash to assume the responsibility of the Eastern Health Board and suggest that they are not carrying out their duties as they are supposed to do.More Button

We have asked for the information from the Eastern Health Board and I am giving it to the House and to the people.More Button

I am sorry that the Deputy does not feel it is satisfactory. The situation in regard to effluent has been improved over the past few years. All the authorities bordering the bay have been asked about ...More Button

I have covered the point as best I can but apparently I cannot reassure Deputy Molloy. I assure Deputy Daly that our contribution of £4,200 to the Paris Commission budget does not represent any lack...More Button

Deputy Brady wanted a new Department. An agency would be within a Department.More Button

I noted a number of areas the Deputy wished to have considered. This is one to which I have not given attention but I will have the point considered by my Department. It is an area about which there ...More Button

We are considering that. I think Deputy Burke was pushing the debate a little far when he suggested that we set up a toxic waste disposal plant. That has been decided but it will not be at Baldonnel...More Button

Written Answers. - Loan Applications.

Under the loan scheme of the Housing Finance Agency 3,367 loans were approved in 1983.More Button

Written Answers. - Water Schemes.

The allocation of grants for this very large scheme will be considered when certain technical issues relating to the proposals have been resolved following consultation between my Department, the grou...More Button

The proposals for this very expensive scheme are being examined to see if revisions can be made which would render it economically viable. In the circumstances I cannot say at this stage when grants...More Button

Written Answers. - Special Assistance to Meath County Council.

The total provision made in June 1982 by the then Government was £2 million and the total claims received from local authorities amounted to £4,128,762. Accordingly the then Minister decided to give ...More Button

Written Answers. - Grant Payment.

The decision in this case is being re-examined and the Deputy will be informed of the outcome.More Button

Written Answers. - Water Schemes.

The level of grants for group schemes already takes account of differing conditions in different areas. There are special rates for schemes in Gaeltacht areas and on islands around the coast — e.g. t...More Button

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