Barry, Peter

Thursday, 18 October 1984

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 352 No. 12

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Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Foreign Ministers' Meetings.

During my visit to the United Nations General Assembly from 24 to 27 September 1984, in addition to meeting my colleagues of the Ten, I had meetings with the Foreign Ministers of: Argentina, Canada, C...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Dooge Committee.

The mandate of the Dooge Committee was defined by the European Council at Fontainebleau in June, as follows: The Committee's function will be to make suggestions for the improvement of the operation o...More Button

That is my understanding.More Button

No differences arose between the Presidency and any other Government over the composition of the committee.More Button

No. The Taoiseach was given certain guidelines as to how he should proceed at the Fontainebleau summit and he went ahead and obeyed them.More Button

I have no comment to make on them. The Taoiseach was given guidelines as to how to proceed with the formation of the committee and he went ahead on the basis of those guidelines.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - EEC Funds.

The draft Community budget for 1985 was formally established by the Council of Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg on 2 October. It has now gone to the European Parliament for consideration in accordance...More Button

That is why a declaration was attached to the budget when it went to the Parliament. Arrangements to meet the shortfall referred to by the Deputy, though not of that magnitude, will be made before 1 ...More Button

They will be provided. The Council have given that undertaking.More Button

That is correct but we cannot leave aside the question of a supplementary budget. In submitting the draft budget for 1985 to the Parliament the General Affairs Council specifically said they would me...More Button

That is a long question and requires a long answer. I did not dispute the figures referred to by the Deputy. What I said was when the members of the Fianna Fáil Party issued a statement from sunny S...More Button

I knew it was somewhere exotic.More Button

When they found time to put down the long cool drink on the beaches of sunny Corsica and apply themselves for a short while to the affairs of the EC, in a typical reaction they said this was no soluti...More Button

It was the kind of antediluvian response we have come to expect from the party opposite. This is a commitment by the ten member states, without saying how it will be done whether by own resources or ...More Button

As regards the question of there being sufficient funds to satisfy farmers under the CAP, I am not sure that there will. The resistance we are meeting over getting a correction in the figures for the...More Button

If Deputy MacSharry believes that it would seem that he spent too much time in the sun when he was in Corsica.More Button

It would not be realistic to expect that every demand from the Irish agricultural industry for additional funds under the CAP in the years to come would be met automatically. Where those demands are ...More Button

There is a later question that I will be answering in relation to budgetary discipline. Obviously, it is unrealistic to expect that we can have some sort of blank cheque system to deal with any polic...More Button

It is not a bottle of smoke.More Button

We have succeeded in blocking the 1984 supplementary budget and in having the draft budget for 1985 put into place with the promise that whatever gap there may be between that draft budget and actual ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - EC Farm Spending.

There has been no agreement in the Foreign Affairs Council of the kind implied in the Deputy's question. The question of budgetary discipline was discussed briefly at the Council in Luxembourg on 2nd ...More Button

We still think that the CAP policy should operate as designed by the Community. We are not at all in favour of the kind of binding discipline in agricultural spending that has been talked about. At ...More Button

There was no decision made there.More Button

As I said in my reply, The question of budgetary discipline was discussed briefly at the Council in Luxembourg... The Council of Foreign Ministers makes those decisions.More Button

There was no decision reached. A document produced by the Finance Ministers for forwarding to the Foreign Affairs Council has still not been agreed. It is to come before a meeting of ECOFIN later th...More Button

No. That predates the ECOFIN Council at Dromoland Castle. It goes back to the Fontainebleau agreement in June when a decision was made that on average over three years the amount devoted to the CAP s...More Button

I had hoped that it would come forward from ECOFIN as an agreed document for next Monday's meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council but I understand that is not likely to be the case and that it may not...More Button

The Minister for Finance presided about two weeks ago at an informal meeting of Finance Ministers in Dromoland Castle. One of the questions discussed there was how to implement the decision taken abo...More Button

He prepared the technical detail. The political side of it is my concern.More Button

I may have seen the statement but I do not recall it at the moment.More Button

I did not read that remark, interesting though it seems.More Button

I do not recall having seen it but I will look it up.More Button

I wonder if the Deputies opposite are aware of what Senator Eoin Ryan had to say in the Seanad last evening. They are irresponsible if they are not so aware.More Button

There are statements made by people all over the world that I do not see.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Lebanon Situation.

The situation in the Lebanon continues to give cause for concern. The authority of the Government applies in only a small area and much of the territory of the state is occupied by foreign forces. Vi...More Button

Of course the difference between the Syrian forces and the Israeli forces is that the Syrian forces were invited in by the Government of Lebanon whereas the Israeli forces were not.More Button

Yes.More Button

I admit that the concurrence is not as firm as it might have been some time ago but the permission still remains.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - UN Mandate in South Korea.

The United Nations Unified Command in Korea was established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 84 of 7 July 1959 which (i) recommended that all UN members providing military forces and other assi...More Button

There have been efforts made. This is not a United Nations Generally Assembly Resolution. It is a Security Council Resolution under which they operate. There have been efforts made at the United Na...More Button

We did not support both of those resolutions for the reason that we thought they were contradictory and were incapable of being jointly implemented. The point I was making — which I think the Deputy a...More Button

If the Deputy is going to ask the same question unfortunately I shall have to give the same answer.More Button

I thought I had said that, in relation to both resolutions that have come before the General Assembly, we could not support both because we though they were contradictory. What I am saying is that we...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - UN Recognition of Kampuchea.

When this issue first came before the General Assembly in 1979, Ireland decided to abstain on the question of which of the two regimes, that of Heng Samrin or Pol Pot, should be seated as the represen...More Button

I have told the Deputy that our regard for the Pol Pot regime is not high. I must question the attitude of the Deputy, when he refers to the government that has been there for a number of years now, ...More Button

What the Deputy says about the previous regime in Kampuchea is correct but, if the new government which was imposed by military intervention from an outside country was as acceptable to the Kampuchea...More Button

That is not so. It is now occupied by a coalition which is headed by Prince Sihanouk and, even though the Khymer Rouge have a large part to play in the coalition and are far too powerful, it is not t...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Passport Office Receipts.

The total receipts from passports, visas and consular services for the year ended 31 December 1983 was £3,461,343.More Button

I am surprised to hear the Deputy inferring that there have been complaints about the service the public receive from the Passport Office. If that is so the complaints have not reached my desk. I am...More Button

I am not aware that there are such delays. Occasionally there may be a traffic jam in the office in Molesworth Street at busy times of the year but, generally speaking, I understand that the service ...More Button

There is an element of truth in what the Deputy says but he is not comparing like with like. For instance, a passport for a man, his wife and one or two children is much cheaper here than in England.More Button

The individual passport is dearer here but persons under 18 and over 65 can get an annual passport which costs only £3 and this is much cheaper than in England.More Button

The Deputy is probably right but people in that age group will not be making use of their passport once, they will have it for ten years.More Button

I do not know if we can break down figures in that way but I shall make inquiries.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - N.I. Secretary of State Speech.

There were several positive elements in Mr. Hurd's speech of 3 October last notably on the principles and objectives he laid down for police behaviour and the relations between the police and the comm...More Button

Part of the problem is that Irish politicians frequently look at things differently from British politicians regarding Northern Ireland and we have a different perception of what is going on there. W...More Button

I have just answered that question.More Button

I do not mind repeating myself. The Deputy must appreciate the difference between the two countries. Different emphasis is laid on different things. When I heard the speech by the new Secretary of ...More Button

I said within my party.More Button

That is not so.More Button

I should like to repeat for a third time——More Button

I am sorry.More Button

I have given my explanation and understanding of the situation. I do not think there was any contradiction between the Taoiseach and me. The Taoiseach made the remark quoted by Deputy Haughey and add...More Button

Deputy Molloy does not really believe that. He might have a look at the speech the Taoiseach made last Friday night.More Button

The Taoiseach has been quite consistent about the North of Ireland over his 20 years in public life. Nobody can point a finger at him in that regard.More Button

I am recommending Deputy Molloy to read the Taoiseach's speech of last Friday night.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Development Assistance.

As is stated in the national economic plan, Building on Reality, the Government are committed to the established UN target of 0.7 per cent of GNP for official development assistance (ODA). While the...More Button

Yes. We had originally envisaged an increase of 0.05 per cent and we have had to cut that back to 0.015 per cent in the light of the economic situation prevailing. An increase of 47 per cent over th...More Button

We are committing ourselves in the plan to an increase of 47 per cent.More Button

No. We are not cutting back; we are increasing. I did not agree to cutting back aid to the developing world. What was the third question?More Button

The only figure to which we are committed at the moment is the increase of 0.015 per cent per annum over the period of the plan. This will mean an increase of 47 per cent. If circumstances permit th...More Button

Almost uniquely, we are guaranteeing to increase over the next three year period, and that for a country with our difficult financial problems is something——More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Armagh Women's Prison.

Deputy Gregory is aware, from replies to his written questions which I gave last week, that I consider the practice of strip searching in Armagh prison to be degrading and that I take a very serious v...More Button

The Deputy is not correct when he says there has been no abatement. My information is that the practice has been reduced considerably since I started making representations.More Button

No.More Button

No, I will not give details for reasons which should be obvious to the Deputy. I did not say the practice had been eliminated; I said it had abated.More Button

I do not think that enters into it. I am not the only person involved who could do that. Any individual could take this matter to the Court of Human Rights. At present, I am satisfied that my repre...More Button

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