O'Kennedy, Michael

Friday, 31 May 1985

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 359 No. 2

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The Deputy is stuck with the label, too.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

It is how it is spent and where it is spent.More Button

On a point of order, I want to be clear on something the Deputy said.More Button

The Chair did not listen to my question. I am asking on a point of order about the role of the House. Is it the role of this House to do something about it or is it the role of the Government?More Button

It is not. We hear the plea: “Let us do something about it”. We are not the Government, they are.More Button

That is not the case. The Government have responsibilities.More Button

Let us change places if you want us to do it.More Button

Why should we be blamed for what you failed to do?More Button

The atmosphere in the House for the debate demonstrates the problem. We are discussing what has become a crisis of major proportion and Deputy Durkan has acknowledged that. Here are the comfortable r...More Button

The people are looking to the Government to do what they asked to be allowed to do. That is what I have to deal with in the first instance.More Button

It is clear that the provisions in the revised Estimates for the Public Service were very different from the original Estimates. For example, in the revised Estimates old age pensions were increased ...More Button

We are dealing with unemployment in that sense and with the consequences, which are horrific. Could I focus for a few moments——More Button

We are, you know. We will have neither an economy nor a nation left if this goes on.More Button

I have not even started yet.More Button

I did, quite so.More Button

If I was not here for the Estimate on Labour, let me say this much——More Button

Let me tell the House what I would have said then. I want to have it on the record here, for about the twentieth time, despite the fact that the Minister for Finance regularly misrepresents me, that ...More Button

——and agencies and short term programmes and palliatives and put it into real planning——More Button

You are telling me that I must deal with the consequences. I shall deal with the consequences. Let no one complain from the Government side that the Opposition are not prepared to put up the alterna...More Button

An ultra right wing approach to social concerns. Let us not pretend that all these matters are not interlinked.More Button

I know that. I am supposed to confine myself.More Button

One is entitled to make references, at least by way of demonstration. I am just 20 years in the House. Any attempt to ignore the inter-linkage is unreal. I would not like to see this House being dem...More Button

I have been more diligent in my attendance in this House at debates in every area — I am not going to boast about it — than any Deputy, including Deputy Barnes. I have particular responsibility for F...More Button

I want to look at how the Government apparently react to the problems of unemployment. There are a number of ways of doing this. First, one cuts back on the provisions for old age pensioners, which ...More Button

I heard the Minister of State for Women's Affairs this morning lecturing us here about marriage and so on but that seemed to be relevant.More Button

May I refer the Chair to the statement this morning of the Minister of State for Women's Affairs.More Button

The Chair allowed that speech.More Button

The Chair is permanent. The Chair is the Chair.More Button

If the term “social welfare” means anything it should mean providing for the needs of people in that category and lessening the burden on them.More Button

We could end this debate by giving the Department another £50 million from somewhere and let them shell out the money for more unemployed people, for the old, the sick and the disabled. Let us give th...More Button

I am not. I know what the Chair is trying to indicate.More Button

I thank the Chair for that commendation. I must put it in print in the local paper. I suppose I can talk about items such as poverty programmes and so on? I have seen some of the reports on poverty...More Button

You should read the reports of the Combat Poverty group.More Button

The Chair is trying to confine the debate so much as to make it unreal.More Button

It is not ridiculous. You are going to get it now, each and every section dealing with old age pensions, children's allowances, unemployment benefit——More Button

I will deal with children's allowances. What has been done in this area has helped to undermine family stability. The provision here is exactly the same in money terms as last year, not one penny in...More Button

I know that. I do not mean you personally, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle. I know every member of the Labour Party personally is well disposed; I know they are there to serve the right interest. But, as a...More Button

Yes, but I might stress that there are a number of dual income families. We must now begin to examine some means of giving incentive to one or other of the partners, male or female, in those dual inc...More Button

I did say dual income families. The Deputy should not be so God damned sensitive about this all the time.More Button

I am quite happy to see married men doing it as well. As it happens married women have come to me saying that they wished, if they could, because of what they see all round them. If Deputy Barnes wan...More Button

I am not saying that married men should not as well. But what I am saying——More Button

Where there are people, be they married women or married men in dual income families, whether they be teachers, nurses or whoever, who are interested in reducing their working hours for a commensurate...More Button

We are still dealing with employment. One other area to which Deputy Durkan referred with more than a passing reference relates to service to the nation. This could be something for people without j...More Button

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