Reynolds, Albert

Thursday, 5 December 1985

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 362 No. 7

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Whiddy Island (Cork) Oil Terminal : Statements.

Springing items like this on the House at such short notice is a very poor way to do business, particularly to deal with a matter of such magnitude. On 12 December 1984, we spoke here about a deal to ...More Button

I am not talking about that deal. I am talking about the deal this Government made 12 months ago. If the Deputy is not aware of it, he should go to the Library and look at it and then come in here w...More Button

At that time I was accused in this House of being a Doubting Thomas, but my doubts of 12 months ago have been borne out quite clearly now. Whatever the strategic thinking of Gulf, it was not to spend ...More Button

If the Labour Party are here to bolster up withdrawal from the Cork region, the loss of 250 jobs in the construction phase, and 100 permanent jobs——More Button

We are not in the business of providing convenience for multinationals or anybody else.More Button

We are in the business of looking after our natural reserves, resources and assets and deciding the best use to make of them—— (Interruptions.)More Button

Deputy Skelly does not know what he is talking about.More Button

I will continue to support anybody who will develop Bula mines——More Button

As I said in my opening statement last year I will support anybody who will develop the Whiddy oil terminal in Bantry Bay. It is my duty as Opposition spokesman to look at these matters critically—— ...More Button

——to give credit where credit is due and to point out to the people what I believe is involved in this deal. The Deputy does not have to accept it. I am here to do a particular job and I am not throw...More Button

Deputy Skelly said another multinational is pulling out. I am not here to run the multinationals out of this country, although he may be. We will need multinational investment for a long time to com...More Button

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