Dukes, Alan M.

Friday, 16 May 1986

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 366 No. 7

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First, I thank Members of the House for the contributions they have made to this debate. The debate has covered all of the principal features of the Bill and of the legislation which will be required...More Button

I have a special word to say to Deputy Woods. His tactic in the speech he made the other morning was quite clear. He is willing to wound if he can, but he is afraid to strike. He resorted to a seri...More Button

I intend to concentrate the main brunt of my remarks on points made by Deputy Woods, because his speech was the centre of most of what the Opposition said. Much of what Deputy Woods said has a fairly...More Button

As the Deputy will see from the various pieces of paper in front of me, I am speaking from notes. In some cases they are lengthy and in others rather sketchy. However, I can assure the House that it...More Button

I am in the process of developing those arguments. It is clearly wrong to suggest, as Deputy Woods has, that any of the statutory rights of children to which I have just referred could be regarded a...More Button

I address my remarks to any Member who may hold that view, and, indeed, to anybody outside the House, in my constituency or out of it, who might be taking that view.More Button

It is not part of the solution to make the problem worse. I fully recognise that a problem arises in the areas of succession, maintenance and property. Where marriages break down and parties separate...More Button

I am putting this question very seriously. Is it being suggested that judges sworn to uphold the Constitution will not take those provisions seriously? I must point out that the draft amendment cont...More Button

I should like to refer to two further points from Deputy Woods's speech. He said he was concerned with children by a second marriage of unemployed persons. Deputy Power had some remarks to make abou...More Button

If it is suggested, that is a suggestion I reject. Deputy Woods was concerned, as indeed were Deputy Power and others, with the cost of maintaining deserted wives who obtain divorces. If they do no...More Button

I will sit down, a Cheann Comhairle, and obey your stricture. Like other Members of the House, I have been a little constrained; but, on Committee Stage, we will be afforded an opportunity of going in...More Button

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