De Rossa, Prionsias

Tuesday, 27 May 1986

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 367 No. 1

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Parents' School Contributions.

asked the Minister for Education if he is aware that some second level schools are insisting on financial contributions of as much as £50 from parents, with an implication that failure to pay will mea...More Button

May I take it from the Minister's reply that he is aware of dissatisfaction by parents of pupils attending some secondary schools? He must have received complaints, certainly in the last week, about...More Button

It is fine for the Minister to say he is looking for clarification from the principal as to what was meant by what was in the circular. But the parents who contacted me were very clear about what was...More Button

There is a further aspect of it. Will the Minister undertake to ensure that, when they are issuing circulars of this kind, all secondary schools in the scheme will, make it clear that subscriptions o...More Button

I have a further supplementary.More Button

The Minister indicated that he had a number of complaints in relation to the vocational schools and comprehensive schools. Does he have figures in regard to complaints from secondary schools?More Button

How many complaints have there been in relation to voluntary secondary schools?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Pre-School Education.

Does the Minister not consider that it would be appropriate for his Department to become directly involved in the provision of pre-school facilities, in view of the known benefits to the intellectual ...More Button

I am aware that the Government have attempted to implement a proposal to raise the school entry age. Would the Minister not accept that the provision of pre-school facilities for all children would b...More Button

Would the Minister deal with the point which I made that the effect of allowing the provision of pre-schooling to be handled by voluntary groups effectively means that those who are most in need of pr...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Finglas (Dublin) School.

asked the Minister for Education if he will allocate an additional teaching post to St. Brigid's infants boys' school, Finglas West, in view of the large classes which teachers have to cope with at pr...More Button

I appreciate the step which the Minister is taking. He indicated that 275 is the figure needed before an additional teaching assistant could be provided. My information is that there are 267 pupils ...More Button

Private Notice Questions. - Dublin Corporation Workers' Dispute.

asked the Minister for Labour if, in view of the serious problems now being caused by the strike of 4,200 Dublin Corporation employees, and particularly the likely effect on health from the non-collec...More Button

I am sure the Minister is aware that the reason the unions are looking for a rise of £15 per week rather than a percentage rise, which is being promoted as the norm in the public service, is that the ...More Button

Combat Poverty Agency Bill, 1985 [Seanad]: Committee and Final Stages.

While I recognise the necessity of this amendment, in view of the fact that the Bill is only now coming before the House on Committee Stage it indicates a lack of urgency on the part of the Government...More Button

Agreed. I move amendment No. 2: In page 4, subsection (1) (a), line 13, to delete “the Minister” and substitute “the Government”. Section 4 (1) (a) would then state: (1) The Agency shall have the fo...More Button

A perfect amendment would be to delete the Government.More Button

The more I think about this Bill the more unreal it is. The Minister indicated that the agency will have direct contact with other Departments. That is precisely what it will be, contact. There is n...More Button

I do not propose to prolong the debate on this amendment but I must take up the point made by the Minister, that the agency will not have power to direct Departments. I recognise that it would be non...More Button

I will not get involved in an argument as to which Taoiseach might be better. My argument is that the Department of the Taoiseach would clearly have a much greater influence on the other Ministers th...More Button

I move amendment No. 3: In page 4, subsection (1), between lines 15 and 16, to insert the following: “(b) the promotion of the effective participation of, and consultation with disadvantaged people at...More Button

The points made by the Minister of State arise from a misreading of the amendment. The amendment gives additional functions to the agency, one of which will be the promotion of the effective particip...More Button

Will they be poor people themselves?More Button

Is the Minister saying he will bring this Bill back for amendment in two years? Is he suggesting he will consider making regulations so that this will be a function of the agency?More Button

The Minister has said that in the four general functions set out and the others provided for in subsection (2) the agency will not be precluded from doing what I am proposing in my amendment. That is...More Button

Subsection (3) states that the Minister may, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, by regulations amend subsection (2) of the section so as to modify or withdraw any function to which that sub...More Button

Let me apologise to the Minister of State. I misread. I realise that section 22 refers to the making of regulations, and I have an amendment down seeking to make that a positive procedure rather tha...More Button

I move amendment No. 5: 5. In page 5, between lines 45 and 46, to insert the following subsection: “(4) The Minister shall cause copies of all plans submitted to him under subsection (2) to be laid ...More Button

There are a number of points I wish to raise, one of which I have already mentioned. The Minister will be giving approval to plans, having consulted with the Minister for Finance. It is notable in t...More Button

I was particularly anxious to press my amendment.More Button

The Bill as it stands gives a free hand to the Minister to appoint whomever he chooses to this agency. It is unfortunate that we have not included in the Bill a section insisting on particular categor...More Button

I note that section 7 (5) states:More Button

Written Answers. - Limerick Taxi Plates.

asked the Minister for the Environment if he is aware of reports that persons holding taxi-plates in Limerick, are leasing their taxis and-or plates to third parties who are not paying either tax or P...More Button

Written Answers. - Special VHI Tax Relief.

asked the Minister for Finance the likely estimated cost to the Exchequer arising from tax relief on the new special VHI premiums to cover treatment at the New Mater Private Hospital and the Blackroc...More Button

Written Answers. - Clontarf (Dublin) Orthopaedic Hospital.

asked the Minister for Health if he will agree to increase the non-capital allocation to the Clontarf Orthopaedic Hospital by £200,000 for 1986, in order to enable them to meet their liabilities.More Button

Written Answers. - Limerick Taxi Drivers.

asked the Minister for Social Welfare if she is aware of reports that a minority of taxi drivers in Limerick are both drawing the dole and driving taxis leased from other taxi owners or businessmen wh...More Button

Written Answers. - Deserted Wife's Benefit and Allowance Statistics.

asked the Minister for Social Welfare the number of persons in receipt of (a) deserted wife's benefit, and (b) deserted wife's allowance at the latest date for which figures are available, on a county...More Button

Written Answers. - Student Fees.

asked the Minister for Education if arrangements will be made to assist from ESF sources a student (details supplied) in County Dublin who can no longer pay his fees or subsistence due to the redundan...More Button

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