Hyland, Liam

Thursday, 19 June 1986

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 368 No. 3

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Malicious Injuries (Amendment) Bill, 1986: Second Stage (Resumed).

I welcome the opportunity to speak on this Bill. The proposals in it represent a frightening abandonment of the citizens, particularly the property owners, here. In normal times and in different cir...More Button

I am sticking to the Bill. I said I would make a passing reference and I was giving an example.More Button

I appreciate the Chair's ruling but I am merely trying to demonstrate the opportunities we are missing to create fast employment and I give the construction industry as an example because unemployment...More Button

I do not wish to have a dispute with the Chair but I feel it should be acceptable to demonstrate one's point. I will leave it at that. There is ample opportunity for job creation within the Governme...More Button

Estimates, 1986. - Vote 40: Agriculture (Revised Estimate).

There is a crisis in the beef industry.More Button

If we did not have that scheme what would the position be?More Button

What about the beef producers and the profitability?More Button

Yet the producer lost money.More Button

Will the Minister say something about the pig industry?More Button

Will the Minister help to bring about the rationalisation of the industry?More Button

I join with my colleagues in alerting the House to the fact that, regardless of what the Minister has said, I could find no ray of hope in the very lengthy script he produced. The Minister did make a...More Button

It is hardly necessary for me to bring to the notice of the House the importance of the livestock industry. Apart from its importance and its relevance to farms and farm families, it is important in t...More Button

In one minute I would briefly like to bring to the Minister's notice the serious situation existing for cereal producers. The Minister will offer the defence that there is overproduction of cereals i...More Button

A speech of reality.More Button

Deputy Sheehan should not talk about the foundation stone. He should talk about the future.More Button

Lip service.More Button

Not for farmers.More Button

Producers are losing money. We are talking about agriculture.More Button

A Cheann Comhairle, rather than having to be in conflict with you all night, I will leave the House.More Button

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